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The High School Musical 3 was the last. Because they have gone to all different College's/University's and will probably not see each other again.

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Q: Would there be a High School Musical 4 next year?
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What letter is next in the sequence of HSMC?

High school musical is gay and sucks High school musical is gay and sucks High school musical is gay and sucks High school musical is gay and sucks High school musical is gay and sucks

Is High School Musical 3 the last High School Musical?

No, it isn't the last, there will be one next year according to the producers.

What is zac efrons next movie?

high school musical 4

What is name of the next hsm?

high school musical 4 college years

When is High school musical 3 air on Disney channel?

High School Musical 3 will not premiere on Disney channel but it will come out in thearther on 10/24/08 but don't think because its called senior year that high school musical will be done and over because high school musical 4 will be coming out next year in June and disneys wizards of Waverly place Selena Gomez will be starring in the movie but high school musical 3 will probably end up showing on Disney channel maybe in two years or less

When is the next time high school musical is going to be on Disney?

im not sure it will be on disney channel the next they decide to let the show come on

Will there be a High School Musical 3?

yes, there is gonna be a high school musical 3 and it's title is HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3: SENIOR YEARand it's been available in DVDi myself has one.Yes. They are in the middle of filming.i think theres going to be a next one high school musical 3 and its going to be awesome

Was high school musical the first big thing for Zack Efron?

Yes i think so i have read his book and he did minor things before "High School Musical" but nothing that got him too famous. His next big thing was "17 Again".

Where can you get the vmk high school musical room?

== == You can't anymore you have to wait until the next movie comes out i think.

What are some good topics for SNL?

do snl skit about the next Disney hit high school musical 3

Will there be a high school musical 5?

Yes there will be a high school musical 5 HSM4 is already in the works with the new "sophmore" cast that is being introduced in High School musical 3. The next 2 will highlight some of the primary characters as they grow up and go to college and the like (like will Sharpay and Troy go to the same college- and he ditch Gabriella for Sharpay?) but the other movies will focus on the three new characters that are being introduced in HSM 3 HSM 4 is rumored to have a Miley Cyrus role in it as well.

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Why is High School Musical coming to theaters?

Because they wanted to take it to the next level and because HSM1 and HSM2 have done so well. they probably figure they can make alot of money off of it.

When is high school musicals next show?

== ==

When will high school musical 3 come in Disney?

They we actually don't know,but we think it might be actually late this year or early next year,but you know it is on DVD and probably video .

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