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Q: Would this need to be repaired adynamic fat and soft tissue in the left inguinal canal region compatible with fixed herniated tissue?
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You had a Inguinal hernia repair that was repaired with Mesh will this stop you from getting pregnant?

No. There is no relation of the inguinal hernia and any of the necessary "plumbing" involved for women (or men).

How is inguinal hernia repaired?

I found this, and it was real helpful: -BigGuy

You had an inguinal hernia repair 4 months ago and it still hurts Why?

Any hernia will hurt until repaired. If your hernia still hurt then there must be a reason. Your Local Doctor should be able to find that reason

What treatments are available for a hernia?

See your MD Most abdominal hernias can be surgically repaired, and recovery rarely requires long-term changes in lifestyle. Uncomplicated hernias are principally repaired by pushing back, or "reducing", the herniated tissue, and then mending the weakness in muscle tissue (an operation called herniorraphy). See

What anaesthetic for inguinal hernia?

Small hernias can be repaired under a local anaesthetic as a day case. Laparoscopic hernia repairs will be done under a General anesthetic. Unfit patients can be considered for repair under a regional anaesthesia combined with some sedation.

Can you get a varicocele after having hernia repair surgery?

I think yes, I just had my right inguinal hernia repaired by open method and a week later I dad pain in my scrotum which is later diagnosed with right side varicocele . Before the hernia repair I did not have that pain.

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