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Q: Would transferring schools help you graduate high school?
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Are community service projects required to graduate from high school?

It depends on the school, some schools require them to graduate, others don't. I would get in contact with the school principal to find out information like that.

Where is the best place to look for best place for graduate school grants?

The best place to obtain a graduate school on a grant would be to apply to all the schools at once and wait for approvals to come in. At this point you can decide on your courses and pick and choose from the schools that accept you.

If you have a bachelor's degree but havent been accepted to graduate school can you take graduate core classes prior to being accepted to graduate school?

That is strictly up to the department and whether it is a restricted program (for example, medical schools). There are some graduate schools that will allow a student to take one or two basic courses particular to a field or study before committing to the degree. However, you would have to check with each school.

What schools have the best engineer training for a high school graduate?

California Instite Of Technology is the number one school. Purde and Stanford is also in the top 10. I would recommend looking online for engineering schools.

Can your child transfer to another school?

Yes your child can transfer schools but it can be a difficult process depending on your childÕs school district. You would need an inter district transfer form if transferring with in the same district.

What year would you graduate high school if you were born in 2010?

If you were born in early to mid '10, you would graduate in '28. However, if you were born in mid to late '10, you would graduate in '29.

What year would you graduate high school if you were born in 1990?

I am 42 years old what year would I graduate form high school

When transferring from a two year college to a university am i transferring as an undergraduate student?

Yes you are. The associate to bachelor degrees are undergraduate coursework. The master's and doctorate degrees are graduate coursework. Thus, if you are now pursuing your bachelor's degree, you would be transferring as an undergraduate student.

What is the difference between under-graduate schools and graduate schools?

Undergraduate School Undergraduate work is a basic foundation within a given program of study. The course work includes a general cluster of knowledge that promotes a well rounded education. Thus, the student is exposed to a variety of areas, not just their chosen field of study. These areas would include general education courses to include, English, Math, History, Laboratory Science, courses in Humanities, and Social Sciences to mention a few. These would be tightly coupled with the students Major Requirements and Major Elective Requirements. In general, Associates and Bachelors degrees are considered undergraduate course work. Most universities offers undergraduates courses. Graduate School A graduate school (or grad school) awards advanced post-graduate qualifications. The general requirement is the candidate must be an undergraduate degree holders. Graduate school is only dedicated to postgraduate studies and confers Graduate diplomas, Masters and Doctoral degrees by both coursework and research. Graduate Schools are standalone institution or subset of big universities dedicated to graduate education.

How many different types of psychology graduate schools are there?

There are many different graduate schools available depending on the road you would like to travel. There are actually online programs available for this as well.

Does anyone know of any good schools for business management?

Schools with a good graduate level education for business management, would include harper college and wgu. those are highly recommended school with business degrees.

If you were a graduate of international correspondence school will you be able to get a transcript if needed?

All schools should be able to produce a transcript for all passed and current students. If the school of interest to you does not, I would look for another school. Lastly, make sure the school has the appropriate accreditation.

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