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Would you answer a simple question for me I recently had my blood tested and the dr. called and said that my white cells are a bit low should I worry about this?

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May 07, 2007 9:29AM

Many people can have a low white blood cells and this can mean the start of anemia, or you are fighting off a slight infection. Your doctor is calling you back in to either do a repeat test on your white blood cells or may want to check you out for anemia or infections. NO, there is no reason to worry. If your white blood cell count is high then there is something going on. Antibiotics can cause a slightly low white blood count as well as other medications. My husband had a low white blood cell count and it from caused from antibiotics and stress on his body, but he's up to the range of normal now and so will you be. Good luck hon, and let us know how you made out.