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I would date a nice girl because you never know if that hot girl can betray your trust and date someone else, or even cheat on you.

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Q: Would you date a hot girl or a nice girl?
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Would jaden smith date a 12 year old white girl if their hot cute or nice?

u ugly thing your races craker

How can a girl be hot?

If she has a nice face, nice boobs, and a nice butt. But that's my way of thinking of it. People are different. You get a girl that YOU think that is hot.

Would Jason Dolley date a fan?

I think he might... If the girl is hot and pretty... he might date her!

Would mindless behavior date a girl that is in the six grade?

depends how hot she is

Would Nick Jonas date a short girl his age?

yes nick would if they were really hot

How do you get a hot girl to love you?

depends on the girl. if she is real religious or nice, just be nice to her is what i do. if the girl is the crazy party girl, show your crazy side but be nice. funny, but spontaneous.

A kind of a girl that a guy want?

I'm not going to lie and say that a guy doesn't want a hot girl, he does. A really cool girl who ever guy would want would be a hot, nice, open-minded girl who gives every guy a chance with her, not just the jocks.

Would jaden smith date an 11 year old hot girl brown?

yes if she was hot though and famouse like me

Would cole or Dylan Sprouse date a girl with glasses?

The only way they will date a girl with glasses is if you are really really really cute with them off. Got to be FREAKEN HOT

Would a guy rather date a slightly ugly girl or a slightly fat girl?

Depends on how hot the fat one is but if is I would take the fat one

Would Josh Hunterson Date A 11 Year Old Girl If She Was Smoking Hot For Her Age?


Should you date this really hot girl who's nice and tough when her mom doesn't want her to until she's 15 but she still wants to?

No. Only because when you date a girl you always want approval from mom! If you really like her, than just wait. Lol

Who would justinbieber like to date?

im not sure but i hope it be like me i think he is so hot hot not even the right word hes smoking hot I think he will date any girl who is sweet sensitve and fun to be with.

Should you date a girl that is hot and kinda smart but noybody likes her?

Yes. If you like this girl, date her

Do you like a girl for her looks or her personality?

im a girl and im bie but both I would like a girl for her looks, but even if she wasn't very pretty I would still like her if her personality was good. Like if she was nice and a good student. I'm a Guy and i like girls who have a nice personality and if they are HOT it is an added bonus.

Would ian somerhalder date a fan?

Maybe he will date someone over 18 or 20 :) he is a very nice ,cute and hot so there might be a chance for some fans c:

Would a guy go on a date with a girl if he only saw her as a friend?

Only if he thought he was hot. Trust me i know.

If you ask a hot girl out right away will she say no?

Probably not, if you are a nice guy and she is a nice girl. It would probably make her happy to be asked out. Lot's of times the prettiest girls don't get asked out because guys are afraid of being turned down. Or guys assume because she's pretty she has a boyfriend.You might want to turn down the heat a little with the "hot" comments tho. While it's nice for guys to think you're hot and it's great for your boyfriend to tell you, you're hot, it can come across as creepy for some guy to come up and say "You're hot."Try asking her out because you think she's nice or you think she would be interested in some of the things you're interested in. Save the "hot" comments for the third date.

Would Dylan date a black girl?

yes they will because they said anyone that is hot without makeup and stuff like that.

Dont you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

shes hot .l . . but not as hot as me . . . LOL :D

Tips on getting a hot girl?

A nice car A lot of money To be nice to her

How hot does a girl have to be to date?

it dont matter how "hot" she is as long as uu like her .. x

How did Tulisa get such a hot man?

Cause she's stunning and a really nice girl so she deserves a hot guy.

Why do guys like pretty girls?

Mainly because of looks. Well because they look nice, their friends would be jealous, and they would feel good to be seen with her. If your seen with an ugly girl--goodbye reputation! And come on, girls like hot guys, but that doesn't mean we won't date that quiet cutie.

What colors does Danielle deleasa like?

hot pink and she is a very nice girl