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"Love" or "Lover"? There are two very different meanings in those words.

Really, if you love this person, six months would be nothing. Are you really that shallow to wonder if six months isn't worth the wait for the person you love? You can't keep it in your pants for six months? I'd say, if you even have to ask this question, you should just dump the person now and save the heart ache of the "Dear John" letter later.

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How would you know if your female lover is cheating?

" If she always coming home late and she says she going out and does not want u to come but other then that if you trust her then you have nothing to worry about.

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Is it correct to say 'You are latest to come home'?

The correct sentence would read: "You came home the latest," or "You are the last to come home."

Would you allow your husband to come back home after he cheated?

No, i would not.

Who did calypso predict would kill Odysseus?

Calypso does not offer predictions for Odysseus, instead forcing him to remain with her as her lover even though he wanted to return home to his wife. He receives a prediction from Tiresias who advises him troubles are to come and he will lose all of his companions.

Sentence with word wistfully?

The lone girl wistfully stared across the sea from the window of the lighthouse, wishing her lover would return home.

If you were 2 or three months pregnant would home kit pregnancy detect it?


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yes he does come home he was just afraid that his parents would be mad

What is the poem late winter months about?

it is about a young girl with her foster mother at home alone and it explains how she waits for her foster father to come home safe from fishing

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If you talk to a dairy farmer who grazes his cows they are taken home morning and evening for milking, but in a natural state they would never come home.

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come to my home?


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A person would need to be on the planet Mars for at least 18 months before they could return home because of the launch window. It would take about 8 months to reach the planet and then another 18 months on the planet until the next launch window to open.

If you are sixteen years old and have not lived with your parents for 6 months can your parents still make you come home?

If you're in the US... Yes.

A sentence for the word aggrieved?

She was aggrieved that he would not come home for the summer.

Will jack be returning to home and away after 3 months?

will jack be returning to home and away after 3 months

Where did theono study?

== Daughter of Bisaites, lover of Neptune. probably had home tutoring.

Why do people give birth in certain months?

Because the winter months are the best cuddle months and its dark sooner you come home sooner snuggle closer to keep warm and such then as nature has it, ta-da lots of birthdays around June and July.

I am on probation in Michigan for DUI 3rd if i go back home to AZ will they come after me?

you may get away for some months ,but they will come get you, i know cause my boyfriend left his state to be wit me and they came after him.

How do you say come home?

'Come home.'

Can a mistress sue her lover if he has put her in a home she can not afford alone and would have never leased with him if he had not promised to take care of her?

No. maybe you shouldn't sleep with married men. Really...

Live in lovers but not married in Oklahoma do he have rights to your money or home?

do your live in lover has right to your money or home if you brake up

Why has the Drover family left their London home in The Demon Lover?

They have left their home due to the bombings that have taken place in the city.

If you write a letter to the Jonas brothers to come to a group home would they come?

No. They have a schedule. They don't make it their managers do.