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int main (void) { puts ("Your name and address"); return 0; }

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How do you address an envelope to an individual that does not live at the address?

You write the name of the person you are writing to and then you write c/o or Care Of: the person who does live at the address. Eg. Mrs P.S. Pumpkin C/O Dr and Mrs Onion 26 Evergreen Road Radishtown

How do you write care of in a address?

You would write it as: Mr. John Smith c/o, (address)

How do you write fan mail?

it is kind of like a formal letter first you write the address date then the person's address then you write your greeting and your body.On the body remember the first to write your name then tell why you are writing them that letter.Give reasons why you admire them you can often get a write back but you need to write your address letter format: your address date: (fan mail address) celebertie's address greeting and the body: hi my name is Ashley(sample name)i love you and so on...

Can you write a C program to print your name?

#include<stdio.h> void main() {printf("Your name\n"); }

How to address envelope both dentists?

To address an envelope, write the recipient's name, and, beneath it, address.

How should you write a letter to Hong Kong you don't know how to write the address?

just write it like a normal address simple, if you don't know how to write a normal address here is how: name address city, state zip/postal code

How do you write an address for a letter?

THIS IS THE RETURN ADDRESS. Your name Your address and zip code THIS IS TO WHOME ADDRESS There name There address and zipe codeIn the center of the envelope write this: The Person's Name Their Street Address Their City, Their State Their Zip Code EX: John Smith 123 Main Street Town, PA 00000

What do you write on the envelope for a baby shower?

A name and address .

How do write name and address on a grain of rice?

you dont it writes on you

What address should you when you write a letter of complaint to target?

your name

When sending mail to someone who doesn't live at that address but is visiting whom do I put in care of?

There are two ways to address mail to someone who is visiting another address. One, you list your friend's name first in the address section of the envelope. Below your friend's name, write 'in care of' and then give the name of the person who actually lives at that address. Two, on the first line in the address section write the name of the person who actually lives at that address. In the second line, write 'ATTN' and then give your friend's name.

How do you address a letter to Romania?

Write the address: name of the person, name of the town or village, street, number, other informations about the address, name of the country - Romania, the correct postal code (RO-.......).

What should you write at the top of a letter?

Your name/company name, address, phone numb if it's not preprinted. The date. The name and address of the person you're addressing.

How do you address an envelope to US senator?

Address the envelope to "Honorable (Full Name)," just as you did with the senator's address in the letter. Then write the street address and so on.

How do you address and envelope to an attorney?

James C. Smith, Esquire or Esq. or James C. Smith Attorney at Law Name of Firm (if there is one) Address

How do i write a jamaican address is it all on one line?

Depending on the address info you have you'd address it as such..... Recipient's Name Community/Post Office Parish Name, Jamaica W.I.

Where do you write to Anna kendrick?

in some magazines they have an address to write to a movie cast just underneath you would put c/o or attn:

How do you write a program to print your name address ane college name?

Use a text editor.

How do you write a c program to prints name?

Write a c program that reads your first name and surname when you enter them. Each part of your name should not be more than 12 characters. Finally, have the program display your full name.

What is a Korean address what is the right way to write out a Korean address?

city/town, village name, name of the APT, number of your house (#112-1804)

How do you get Tom Daley to know you and your name?

First get is address or his fan mail address write a letter to him about you and give him your name. (But it might take like FOREVER to get a letter from him or to find his address/ fan address.) So yeah. :)

How do you address a letter to a child in care of the parent?

To: Childs name c/o parents name

Can you write to counselors at sky ranch?

Yes! Just write te counselor's name and the address of Sky Ranch!

What do you have write on postal mail for it to be sent?

you must write clearly the name and address including a postcode of the person you are sending mail to. It is optional to write on the back of mail your own name and address unles sending mail by registered or overseas. If sending mail overseas you must also write the country.

Can a burned CD be traced?

No, not unless you take a marker and write your name and address on it.