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Xbox 360 with your lcd screen?


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Yes, can use your computer LCD monitor with the xbox360 and the great news is that you will will get HD graphics on ur LCD monitor.but brother you have to buy a XBOX360 VGA HD AV cable to use it . It cost 18 dollars .its not $40 .it was 40 when it first came to the market but now its 18 dollars. There is no problem with the video connection .bcz you can connect it to your LCD monitor directly with the help of XBOX360 VGA HD AV CABLE. But there is a problem with audio output .you must have a surround system speakers or other speakers to which the audio jacks should be connected and the audio jacks are the ones which comes with AV cable.i mean you must have the speakers which must have the input ports for the audio jacks i have mentioned. I am also using my LCD monitor. I hope this will help you my brother. Take care bro.