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Yes, can use your computer LCD monitor with the xbox360 and the great news is that you will will get HD graphics on ur LCD monitor.but brother you have to buy a XBOX360 VGA HD AV cable to use it . It cost 18 dollars .its not $40 .it was 40 when it first came to the market but now its 18 dollars. There is no problem with the video connection .bcz you can connect it to your LCD monitor directly with the help of XBOX360 VGA HD AV CABLE. But there is a problem with audio output .you must have a surround system speakers or other speakers to which the audio jacks should be connected and the audio jacks are the ones which comes with AV cable.i mean you must have the speakers which must have the input ports for the audio jacks i have mentioned. I am also using my LCD monitor. I hope this will help you my brother. Take care bro.

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How do you fix Xbox 360 stuck on Xbox screen?

Explain it please,, with "How do you fix xbox 360 stuck on xbox screen?" I can't help you.

Will the original Xbox 360 play Minecraft split screen?

The xbox 360 does allow split screen compatibility already.

Is the xbox 360 laptop real?

actually, it is. there are some people who can make a new body for the xbox 360 and they take apart the regular xbox 360 and put the body of the old xbox 360 into the new laptop shaped body. they buy a screen or lcd screen and put it on the new body. i tried making one but it didnt work out. i wanted a specialist to do it for me but it could cost up to 6000 dollars. the cheapest was 800. for proof that there is an xbox 360 laptop go on or for pics go on

How do you use your PC screen as a TV for your Xbox 360?

You need an Xbox 360 VGA cable.

Does call of duty 3 on xbox have split screen multiplayer?

It does for the xbox 360 but not the normal xbox

What is better for video games plasma or lcd?

Probably an LCD because I know a friend that has a big plasma and I have an LCD The LCD has better graphics and the plasma is a little blurry. If you have a big screen then it sucks for a ps2 but works really good with Xbox 360 and PS3, I'm not sure about just the normal Xbox though. also you can view a plasma at an angle and the picture is still there. if you get at an angle on an lcd the picture will blur out.

Does drake have a xbox 360?

Drake has a Xbox 360 and an Playstation 3. His gamertag and screen-name are kept private, however.

Will using your xbox 360 on a widescreen lcd HDTV harm the tv?

no that is what i do, it works fine

How do you plug in the xbox 360 slim in a sceptre tv 40 inch LCD HD?

how to connect xbox with scepter tv

How do you screenshot an Xbox 360?

You can't screen capture an Xbox 360, you could buy a capture card that will then allow you to capture it, and record it.

Can you do split screen on your Xbox 360 an system link?


Can you play xbox 360 split screen on two TVs?


Can you use your xbox 360 on a ford expedition screen?


Is Sims 3 going to be split screen on Xbox 360?


How do you get into Xbox live on Xbox 360?

Buy a wireless router. Buy an Xbox 360 Wireless Adaptor if you have the old xbox, but dont if have the slim one. Go to "Join Xbox Live" in your Xbox 360 Guide (Press the xbox logo on your controller). Follow the on-screen instructions.

How do you connect different players on minexraft xbox 360?

To connect the different players on Minecraft xBox 360, you will need to use the split screen.

Is enemy territory quake wars on split screen for x box 360?

there is NO splitscreen and it is for xbox 360

How do you get split screen in Lord of the Rings conquest?

If you Have Xbox 360 to Get Split Screen you go to Multiplayer and Then Go to Split Screen.

Split screen on minecraft xbox edition?

Yes, there is split screen on Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, but it is exclusively for the use of HDTVs, so far.

How do you make a minecraft video on xbox?

You can take a camera and point it at your TV, record your tv screen with a program, or buy an XBOX 360 Screen Recorder.

Which is better Xbox or Xbox 360?

xbox 360.The Xbox 360 is the best as it can run games for both the Xbox and the Xbox 360.

How to hook durabrand up to the Xbox 360?

If you have a lcd hdtv you can get a HDMI cord. Hook the HDMI cable up to your xbox 360 and the hdtv. Then take your AV cables and hook it up to your xbox 360 (to the back). And hook the (red and white) end to the back of your durabrand sub woofer.

Is call of duty 4 have a spilt screen multiplayer on the xbox 360?

Yes it Does

Can you play split screen on cod black ops xbox 360?


What Xbox you need to run halo3?

xbox 360 xbox 360 XBox 360