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What is the date of manufacture of my m16a1 serial number is 5043251 can any one help?

Are you sure you have an M16A1 and not an AR15A1? If it is in fact a M16A1 the sn would be mid to late 70's

Where do you find an m16a1 in Mafia Wars on facebook?

You can get the M16A1 in the "El Capitan" Tier in CUBA by completing the 'Transport A Shipment of US Arms' job.

Nomenclature of m16 a 1?

M16A1 is the nomenclature.

Who invented the M16A1?

The M16A1 is the U.S. military designation for the AR-15 rifle built by Colt. The AR-15 itself was invented in 1957 by Eugene Stoner (1922-1997) while at ArmaLite.

What is the weight of an M16a1?

The M16A1 assault rifle weighs 6.5 pounds (2.9 kilograms) unloaded, lighter than the M16A2 which added a thicker barrel, bringing the weight to 7.18 pounds (3.26 kilograms).

Which models of fire does the M16A1 have?

The M16A1 assault rifle has two modes of fire: semi-automatic and fully automatic. As long as the trigger is held down, the weapon will continue to fire until the magazine is empty.

Where is the location of the grenade launcher for the m16a1 on mgs pw?

To obtain the M16A1 (GL) design specs in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, you must complete Extra Ops 025, which is located in Selva de la Leche: Jungle.

Parts of riffle cal 5.56mm m16a1?

barrel, reciever, stock, bolt, gas tube,

How do you get the silver title for the m16a1 in cod modern warfare 2?

You have to be on prestige and complete one of the veteran challenges for it.

Which modes of fire does the M16a1 have?

Being an assault rifle, the M16A1 has two modes of select fire. It can either be fired in semi-automatic, or fully automatic. The M16A3 shares the same trigger group, while the M16A2 and M16A4 have semi-automatic and three-round burst modes.

How can you get m16a1 rifle in Mafia Wars?

its a loot item in rob the armenians which ever job tier its in cant remember

What do they use guns in the military?

Depends on which military. US uses the M16A1 rifle, or the M4 carbine version of the same.

When did USMC issue M16A1 rifle?

Numbers started to be issued in 1960, when the rifle was first fielded. Standardisation of the M16 across the entire US military commenced in 1975. It may be possible to find M16A1 rifles in some Marine Corps Reserve units today, although it is somewhat doubtful.

Who discovered the m16 riffle?

The M-16 RIFLE was developed by Colt for the US service and deployed in 1964 as the M16A1. No one discovered it.

Where do you get an m16a1 gun on Mafia Wars?

You can get this weapon from Job in Cuba. El capitan Tier , JObs name: Transport a Shipment of US arms

What is the A in M16A1?

In the US military indexing system the addition of a number prefixed with an A indicates a revision or an update to the design. In the case of the M16 rifle there have been many small revisions, the most visible of which are the addition of a forward assist (bolt closure device) and a different flash suppressor.

What rifle do US Special Ops use?

Mission driven. M4, M4A1, M14, M21, M107, M110, M16A1, A2, A3, A4, etc.

American Weapons in the Vietnam War?

The standard weapons of the US military were: m1 grand m14 m16a1 springfiled m1a1 m79 LAW m1911 m60

How often will an M16A1 jam?

if you clean it ....then it wont jam ....but in the Vietnam War they told the soldiers not to clean the gun cuz ...it was a self cleaning gun ....so it jammed alot

What is the rate of fire in automatic mode for the M16A3 rifle?

700 - 900 rounds per minute (cyclic), just like the M16A1, Diemaco C7 and C8, M4A1, etc.

Where to find m16a1 gl on black ops ds?

if your talking about campain then idk if ur talking about zombies then its usually past the first door or rode block if you know what i mean

When was the m4 first used?

the m16a1 was first feilded invietnam,later the m16a2 was made to fix some of the mistakes in th a1. the m4 is a carbine version of the a2. 1963 i belive

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