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In general, the best yellow pages to advertise in isusually the telephone company directory. The reason is the utility company is controlled by the FCC and is legally bound to deliver and prove distribution of directories in their service areas. These are generally called the "Core" directories in an area. Residents in these areas are usually more receptive to the Telco book because they are percieved as the most up to date since the phone company controls the telephone lines. Residents also percieve the Telco as being "Official". These are also usually a bit more expensive to advertise in.

Although this is a general rule of thumb, a certain yellow page company may publish anywhere they like as an "Independent" book. Usage may be less than the "Core" directory, but the cost may be significantly less. "Independent" books may also cover a more vast geography with 1 directory that the Telco book covers with 2. They do this as a selling feature, but should not imply that you will get more business by this reason alone.

As internet and Mobile search advances, many might have a knee-jerk reaction that the Yellow Page industry is dead, and if you Google this topic you will find many blogs from people trying to sell Search Engine Marketing that this is the fact. However, what you won't find are websites and blogs about how much yellow page advertisers benefit from their ads... why would they want to let everyone who believes otherwise know their secret? If business owners started publicly praising their YP ads, the rates would go through the roof. A smart campaign in the local yellow pages is a great idea for many businesses, the 900 pages of ads prove it.

One way to tell which directories work is to compare the previous directory to the current book and see which advertisers renewed/increased/decreased/cancelled. Sometimes you may have to try a couple books out first, and make renewal decisions based on ROI & call volume, not cost. Which ever directory you advertise in, try to be within the first 5 ads and make sure you have original art & content... don't look like the other ads or you are assured failure.

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It depends on your specific needs and location. Some popular options for finding businesses and services are Yelp, Google Maps, and the online Yellow Pages directory. Consider factors such as ease of use, reviews, and coverage in your area when choosing the best one for you.

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Q: Yellow pages which one is the best?
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