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I love you no matter what

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Q: Yo te quiero pase lo que pase in English?
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What does yo quiero que sepas que somos amigos mean in English?

I want you to know that we are friends.

Translate Quiero que yo quiero yo lo quiero ahora?

Translation: I want what I want. I want it now.

What does que vas a cocinar yo quiero mean in English?

¿Qué vas a cocinar? = what are you going to cook? Yo quiero = I want.

How do you say i want to be friends in spanish?

Yo quiero que seamos amigos.

What is the english for yo te quiero mas que a mi cida porque sin tu amor?

yo te quiero más que a mi vida porque sin tu amor... i love you more than my life because without your love....

What does Yo amo a mi bebé Daniel pase lo que pase?

It means "I love my baby Daniel whatever might happen."

What actors and actresses appeared in Yo quiero que me quieran - 2003?

The cast of Yo quiero que me quieran - 2003 includes: Leonardo Croatto Bruno Gouveia Bruno Goveia

Yo quiero ser tu todo yo solo quiero que confies en mi?

i want be your everithing and i want you trust me

What does por que yo te gusto y quiero estar con tigo mean in English?

because i like you and i want to be with you

What does la mujer que you quieres mean?

'La mujer que quieres' means: 'The woman that you want/love'. 'you' is English; 'yo' = 'I' in Spanish. If 'you' is intended to be 'yo', the sentence should read: 'La mujer que yo quiero', meaning 'The woman that I love/want'.

How do you say i want it to be just me and you in spanish?

Quiero que sea solo yo y tú. (For a more proper and prosaic way of saying this) Quiero que sea solo tú y yo.

What actors and actresses appeared in Y yo que la quiero tanto - 1987?

The cast of Y yo que la quiero tanto - 1987 includes: Dagoberto Gama David Villalpando