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get 2 know the guy more.

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What if the guy you really really REALLY like only wants you just for sex?

Then you need to get out of the relationship. You NEVER want a guy who only WANTS you for sex. AND I do mean it. You are worth way more then that.

You REALLY like thi guy but you have only met twice what do you do?

Invite him to something where you are going with others for pizza or a movie. This way you can see him, talk with him and find out if there is something there, but without the stress of a date.

You broke up with your boyfriend and now you want him back?

Its happened to me. Twice. I think if you really like this guy then swallow your pride and go for it.

What if a guy likes you but you dont like him back what do you say to him?

What you say is I really like you only as a friend. That he's a great guy and all but it isnt meant to be.

How do you know if you like him or not?

You have to really think about it, do you really like that guy or not?

You really like this guy but he wants you to wait?

Then you wait for him, that is if you really love the guy.

What does it take to get a guy?

Well it really its up to guy...but if you really like him go for it

How do you know if you really love your boyfriend?

Honestly the way you know if you really love your boyfriend you get this feeling of butterflys in your stomach when your with him and you feel like hes the only guy you wanna spend your life with and the only guy you wanna be with!(:

What are the list of reasons girls and women blush dark red with only one guy?

they really like this one guy annd probably wants him to like her back

How do you get someoe to like you?

If you have to change anything about you to get a guy to like you... then your wasteing your time. Only those who really love you except the real you.

Should you ever tell a guy you don't like them when you really do?

only if you know he won't appreciate you telling him you like him(in other words if he doesn't like you), otherwise, why would you tell a guy you don't like him...

What if you like your boyfriend and another guy?

It depends on how mcuh your relationship is worth do you really like the guy your with or do you like the other guy

How do you know if the guy you like who you don't really know isn't ready for a relationship?

Ok girls out there here is some good advice if a guy isn't ready for a relationship he really doesnt like to hang out only with his guy friends with for a fact i know the relation is over!

How do you get a guy that your scared to talk to to like you?

When you have a guy you like and are scared to go up to him just go and become his friend and that is when you will see if he really like you and if you really like him

What does it mean if a guy gives you a heart bracelet?

It could be that the guy likes you, or wanted a deeper relationship between you two. But a guy should only give a bracelet to the girl if he really is interested in her. The bracelet is like a handcuff to connect a guy and girl together, so only give a bracelet to a girl if you're really into her !

What does you like you mean to a girl?

it means that the guy does not really like the girl that much and not insterented at all and only wants to be friends and that's it

How do you tell a guy you don't like them nicely without punching them up?

you tell them there a really nice guy but you dont really like them

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