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Absolutely NOT!!!

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โˆ™ 2007-02-26 03:50:57
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Q: You and your girlfriend were dry humping and ejaculated and you had on boxers and shorts and she had on jeans and a thong a week later she had a headache and some nausea is she pregnant?
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Can you get pregnant by humping a toilet seat?

ONLY if a male had very recently ejaculated on the seat and you humped that same spot.

Can you girl get pregnant on her period doing dry humping with clothes?

not likely, not unless you ejaculated and it went through the clothing in the vaginal area. because it is possible to get pregnant while menstruating.

Can you get pregnant in wet humping?


Do you get pregnant from dry humping?

No, no you do not.

If you and your girlfriend were humping and she got wet and you ejaculated can it go through your boxers and her underwear and get her pregnant?

no From Haissan: It is a possibility, sperm are microscopic and can easily pass through the fibers and weave of yours and your girlfriends underwear. there is a distinct possibility you sperm could get all the way up to her uterus and fertilize an egg.

Your girlfriend and you were dry humping in a pool and you got a little deep inside her you did not ejaculate but your worried if you could still get her pregnant?

If you didn't ejaculate inside her than she can't get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant by dry humping in a pool?


Can you get pregnat by humping?

no, you can't get pregnant. I have been humping for years. you can only get pregnant by a males penis sliding in and out of a woman's vagina.

Can you get pregnant from humping?

No,you only get pregnant thoughh sexual intercourse.

Can you get pregnant by dry humping?

no because a sperm has to reach your uterus and attach to the uterus wall.there is no way that you could get pregnant from "dry humping"

Can you get pregnant by humping something?

No, you cannot get pregnant this way. There needs to be sperm involved. There would not be any sperm from just humping something.

Can dry humping lead to pregnancy I ejaculated on my underwear but i was wearing jeans she was also wearing jeans and a thong. I know it's hard but she is having some strange symptoms.?

It is very unlikely that she's pregnant

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