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Go to a docter

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Q: You are 12 weeks pregnant with a blighted ovum you woke up this morning with intense labor like pains How long does it take to miscarry once the intense pain starts Going on 24 hours with severe pain?
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Is having morning sickness a good sign that you will be less likely to miscarry a pregnancy?

No. There is no link between the risk for miscarriage and morning sickness.

What can you drink to miscarriage a possible pregnancy?

You can have an abortion at a clinic when you find out whether you are pregnant or not. You can also take the morning after pill up to 72 hours after sex. There is nothing you can drink or eat to miscarry. See a doctor.

Does having morning sickness predict the gender of a unborn child?

Some people believe that intense morning sickness is a sign that they're pregnant with a boy, while mild morning sickness means a girl. Other people believe that getting sick in the morning is another sign of a boy, and morning sickness at night a girl.

Can you get morning sickness if your not pregnant?

no you can get morning sickness

Question if you pregnant but dont have morning sickness why its that?

If you are pregnant but do not have morning sickness that is fine. Some women suffer from morning sickness when they are pregnant while others never experience it.

What could you drink to have a miscarry?

I think you should stick to the "morning after pill". Anything else is as likely to kill you as the embryo.

Can you still have morning sickness even though you are told you would miscarry?

If you had a scan that told you you would miscarry, it may be that your dates are wrong or something. If you have had no bleeding and have started having symptoms of pregnancy go back to your doctor.

Can you take one morning afer pill only and not be pregnant?

can I take one morning after pill only and not be pregnant

Im not pregnant but sometimes you feel morning sickness can this be that im pregnant?

If you are not pregnant then no you cannot be pregnant.

Do you get sick when your pregnant?

Getting sick during Pregnancy is usually called Morning Sickness. Morning Sickness is one of many thing that can come with being pregnant and not everyone gets morning sickness when they are pregnant.

What percent of people have morning sickness that is pregnant?

75% of pregnant women experience some morning sickness in early pregnancy.

Is it common to not have morning sickness when you are pregnant?

It is not unusual. Approximately 25% of pregnant women never experience any morning sickness.

What does morning sickness feel like do you get stomach pain?

Morning sickness will feel different for everyone, but the feeling of nausea is common. A pregnant woman may have intense instances of vomiting, occassional nausea, or uncomfortable queasiness. Headaches, fatigue and dizziness are common, as is an aversive sensitivity to particular smells.

Can one be pregnant and not have morning sickness?

Nearly all women experience morning sickness to one extent or another, however, it is possible to be pregnant and not have morning sickness. It is recommended that women who think they are pregnant take a pregnancy test to find out for sure.

Is it possible to be pregnant but get the morning sickness at night?

Yes. Morning sickness is rarely just in the mornings. Many people get sick at night when they are pregnant

What do you feel when you think your pregnant?

Nausea in the morning.

You want to get pregnant and took the morning after pill last month will it prevent you from getting pregnant in the future months?

No it won't , the morning after pill is only temporary.

Why do pregnant women get morning sickness?

women get morning sickness because there hormones are changing.

Can you have diarrhea when pregnant?

Yes, Diarrhea is a system while you are pregnant, like morning sickness.

When your pregnant when do yu start to vomit?

You can start having morning sickness the day after you are pregnant.

Do you have to have morning sickness to know that you're pregnant?

No. Some women never experience morning sickness. If you suspect you might be pregnant, take a pregnancy test to be sure.

I'm 8wks and 3days pregnant started spotting this morning ultrasound showed Fetal heartbeat was 162 and fetus measured up to date Dr said that my gestational sac was low. Am I going to miscarry?

Your rate of m/c is only about 5% since you heard a heart beat! Praying for you!

Do you always bleed or spot when you miscarry?

You must bleed to miscarry. Your body has built up an environment for the baby which must be expelled from the body once the pregnancy dies. It does this by bleeding. That said, bleeding during a pregnancy does not indicate a miscarriage. There are many other reasons to bleed while pregnant. But you should get all bleeding checked up on. Bleeding is not always the first sign of a miscarriage. Other things that you may experience are cramps and loss of your pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness.

When do pregnant women get nausea?

Frequently, most often in the morning; this begets the term 'morning sickness'.

Is morning sikness a good sighn that everything is ok?

NO, morning sickness is a good sign that you are pregnant.