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You are 145 com tall and you are 14 years old girl Do Bill Kaulitz like you?


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Bill can fall for whomever. It's not his, but his heart's fault.
Age doesn't matter. It always looses to love.
He CAN get into trouble if he does anything more than kissing though.

plus, what kind of question is this?? *imaginary scene* host: "hi, today we have bill kaulitz with us on this show, now bill we have a very important question for you. do you specifically like girls who are 145 com tall and 14 years old?" bill: "why yes mr. host. i LOVE girls who are 14 years old and 145 com tall, but not 146, and not 144, specifically 145. anything else is complete nonsense. don't even talk to me if you're not 145 com tall and 14 years old." *end scene* you're being ridiculous.


Haha! It's so true, this question is sooo random :P

I love your fake interview lol

HAHAH good interview think of it like this...would you date someone who is 8 years old!? no i bet you wouldnt.