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if you really like this guy, then get to know him..you should like guys for their personality's as well as looks...so once you get to know him then you can decide if you really like him. Who know's you might actually really hate him.

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How do you get a guy to notice you when you have a boyfriend who treats u like crap?

Dump your boyfriend first, if he treats you like crap then he's really not worth it. Then you can start flirting with this new guy or anyone you like. Try not to go back to the original boyfriend as tempting as it seems.

How do you tell if your cousin is in love with your annoying boyfriend?

I'm not sure if this will help but does your boyfriend like your cousin? If you have faith in your boyfriend then even if your cousin really DOES like him, you know that your boyfriend won't cheat on you. If he really does cheat on you then all i can say is - you deserve better than that. As to how to tell ... I guess you can talk to your cousin about it? or you try to talk about your boyfriend to your cousin and notice her reactions and expressions.

What if you're 12 year old girl and really want the guy you really like to be your boyfriend?

Sweetie, your 12, you have much time to worry about a boyfriend! You have a whole life ahead of you! Wow i sound like my mom! haha but If you really want a guy to like you be kinda flirty, make him notice you! Stuff like that! Anyways good luck girl:) -Kayleigh

How do you tell your boyfriend that you really like him?

he's already u r boyfriend, so he knows you really like him.

Boyfriend telling you he really likes you?

Well yeah, if he is your boyfriend he will really like you O_o

What if you want to break up with your boyfriend but you really like him?

i dont understand why you would want to break up with your boyfriend if you really like him.

Who should you pick your boyfriend or the guy you really like?

It depends if the boyfriend doesnt treat you right then my choice would be the boy you really like.

What is the secret of getting a boyfriend in elemantry?

just act like yourself and then he'll notice

What do you do when your best friend is flirting with your boyfriend but she says she's not?

Tell your friend that you don`t really like they way she is acting and flirt more with your bf. Get him to notice you more than her.

How do you start to ask a boy to be your boyfriend?

You show you really really like him.

You are pretty how do you get a boyfriend?

Just be yourself. If he really digs you, he will like you for who you really are.

How do you know if my boyfirend really like me?

If he is already your boyfriend, he must like you.

What do you do if you really like someone even though you have a boyfriend?

If you really like someone despite the fact you've got a boyfriend, you can't truly like the guy you're with. Go for the second guy.

Should Kelsey break up with your boyfriend?

If she is dating him, it doesn't really sound like he is your boyfriend.

How does your boyfriend want you to dress?

I think that you should just be yourself and dress how you feel like your boyfriend would like. My boyfriend doesnt really care lol but dress how you feel like!

What do you do if you kiss a guy and you really enjoy it but you have a boyfriend?

If you really like the boy you kissed and you enjoyed it better than your boyfriends kiss I would say good bye to my boyfriend and start dating the guy you really like.

How do you know my boyfriend really love me?

you ask him if he Like likes you

Why does my boyfriend wear my panties?

He just really like your underwear

How do you get a boyfriend by being you and showing that you like them?

Many times, if you're objective is "to get a boyfriend," you won't. It's when you're content being an independent, strong person--being yourself--that a boy will notice you and then the girlfriend/boyfriend (or boyfriend/boyfriend) thing will happen naturally.

Does hiroto like kirari?

yes he does but doesnt really notice it at first.

A girl has a boyfriend but seems to really like me Might she really like you or just like you as a friend?

Most likely the girl likes you as a friend. However, there is some chance that she could like you as a boyfriend. But here's the problem....do you really want to be with a girl who has a boyfriend, but is sending out signals that she might like you (or someone else) as a boyfriend while she is still in a relationship? For now, I suggest that you just remain friends with her. Then you can see how it goes. If she breaks up with her current boyfriend, you'll have a better idea of her intentions.

How do you know if your ex boyfriend really likes you?

he cant really like you if he is your ex he will be trying to get back with you then

What does nick like in a girl?

He likes nice girls but to really get him to notice you he really likes girls eyes

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