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just keep mastibating babe. I am 14 and horny as all get out but i still think that sex it not good until marage.

ErMm..u cn find horny gurlz on websites or go to niteclubs or jus wait till your big bigger or until marrage like she said^

hpee dis helpss:)

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Does any changes occur when a guy sucks the breasts?

No. not at all. its gives you orgasms and makes you want to have LOADS of sex.

Why do he always want sex?

because he's a guy.

Does making out in a bed turn a guy on?

It does if you want him to have sex with you.

Is it normal for a guy to want to be a girl?

To change sex-no.

How do you want a guy to undo your bra?

matters what you mean. if you mean how do you get a guy to want to undo your bra that youd have to have sex. if you have sex with a guy he will probably want to undo your bra. If you mean how should a guy undo your well having sex that he should do it with one hand well hes kissing you. Good luck hope this helped!

Why does he ONLY want you for sex and not a relationship?

It's a guy thing, if he only wants you for sex, break up with him and find a better guy.

What does a guy want?

90% of the time, guys have no idea what we want....besides sex that is.

What does a guy want if he only wants to hang out at night?


How do you tell if a guy only wants to use you for sex?

he would want to have sex with you every day

What do American men want physically emotionaly and romanticaly from any age women?

Physically: they want sex. Emotionally: they want sex. Romantically: they want sex.

What is on a boys mind?

Sex. Thats All They Really Want. They Don't Care About Youu , All They Want From You Is SEX ! You Have To Be Carefull, For The Guy You Choose.

How can you tell if your guy or having a bother crush?

Do you want to have sex with him or just hang out with him? Guys like to be with other guys, not all of them want sex.

This guy keeps stalking me and talking about sex please help?

report him

Is all he want is sex?

Depending on who the guy is, that is probably it. If he gets it, he WILL BE GONE.

Is it normal for a guy to always want head instead of sex?

no, not really

Where does a guy tap a girl to tell them they want sex?

Probably the VAGINA :)

What does it mean if a guy asks you if you want to score?

Pretty much the pervert is asking you if you want to have sex with him.

What if you look at the guy and he smile and look away?

this mean he is going to want sex or want to call you

Will hormones pills help a women want sex again?

Nothing will make a women want sex again.

What does it mean if a guy asks a girl if she wants the D?

He is asking if you want to have sex. "Want the D" => "Want the Dick"

How can you get a guy to fall in love with you Besides sex?

Sex won't help. Wait on it and find out if they really love you or not first.

When a girl asks want to do something and a guy says ill let you know?

That mean the guy just want to have sex and they have to figure out a place and time

What does it mean when a guy sings I want to make love to you?

It means he wants to have sex with you.

Why are you crying for this guy so much?

because you love him.because you want to have sex with him

How would i get the guy you like in bed with you?

Ask him to have sex with you. Believe me, guys want sex and they most likely wont care who its with