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Dear Reader; It is very likely a sign of your body adjusting to the change. If there are other symptoms or this is prolonged, see your health care provider. Dwight

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What is Bloody Discharge?

Bloody discharge is bodily fluid that has leaked out of the body which contains blood. It can be mucous from the nose, or breast milk, or even urine.

You have black bloody discharge?

See a doctor.

What is the medical term for bloody nasal discharge?

The term for bloody nasal discharge would depend on what the fluid is that is coming out. If you are referring to just blood coming out then the term is epistaxis.

What symptoms may the patient experience after cervical cryotherapy?

Slight cramping for two to three days; watery discharge requiring several pad changes daily; bloody discharge, especially 12-16 days after the procedure.

What gum had juice in the middle of it when you chewed?


What is the name of the discharge before labor begins?

bloody show

Did bloody Mary have children?

She had 4 children.

Has bloody Mary killed children?

Of course she has. She has Bloody in Her name

What is the presence of a bloody discharge between periods called?

intermenstrual bleeding

Is it normal for your dog to still be bleeding after a month after delivery?

It can be normal for dog to have some discharge intermittently several weeks after delivery. This discharge can appear bloody but is mostly body fluids not actual blood. If at any time the discharge becomes very heavy or has a foul odor seek medical attention from your vet.

What is Bloody Mary's sons name?

Bloody Mary did not have any children.

Why am i having Cramps for 3 weeks and bloody discharge?

Go and see the doctor

Do dogs have a bloody discharge every heat?

yes they do and you have to keep mopping it up an every time they sit then move there is a patch of red discharge

Why is your female dog having discharge?

My female lab has bloody discharge from her nipples and a hard mass above it. there is no pain she let me examine and clean them

Is it normal to have bloody discharge 2 weeks after your period?

No, it is not normal, and should be checked out with a doctor.

When you poop a pinkish and brownish discharge comes out at the same time what is it?

It is called bloody diarrhea

Clumpy discharge then few days later bloody and brown discharge with some cramps but no itching swelling or odor and period isn't due for 2 weeks I'm on birth control is this a yeast infection?

No yeast infections smell and itch you are just having a simple period

What was the name of bloody mary's 4 children?

Queen Mary I had no children.

Is there something wrong with you if you have bloody discharge?

That depends. Are you pregnant or are you getting ready to start your period? It depends.

Is God of War bloody?

god of war is a very bloody game no children should play it!

Could bloody Mary have children?

yes she does

What is a loud animal at the zoo?

Bloody children!

Has bloody Mary killed any children with a gun before?

Bloody Mary never personally killed anyone. She was also known to be fond of children.

Why I am having bloody discharge. I am 16- not pregnant and I am not sexually active?

Its your period, you get it every month, or sometimes, if your on a birth control, or if something is wrong with your body and its not used to it, then you could bleed until your body is used to it.

Is there a bloody man?

Several. Visit any battlefield.

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