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Hey im Huni girl and im on the pill as well.When your on the pill it stops your period for that amount of time and when you dont take the pill your discharge returns after a period of time.Taking this pill is like choosing when you want to have your period =]. Your fine but make sure you stop taking the pill for about 2weeks so you can let your period out.Because if you dont this can cause blood clots and affects your insides.

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โˆ™ 2008-01-15 22:22:59
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Q: You are 36 and on the pill but haven't had a period in three months - what's wrong?
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If you have had sexual intercourse during the previous three months you may be pregnant. If not, there may be other medical reasons. In any case you should see a doctor.

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Stress, eating habits, extreme exercise and even a knock to the back can have an impact on your period. Definitely go to your doctor though, and have a thorough test, as some STIs can have an effect.

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you should really see a doctor! they will be able to tell you whats wrong but i know enough to say that that is really something to see a doctor about!

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