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Q: You are 37 weeks you are 2cm dilated and 75 percent effaced you want to know about inducing labor with castor oil?
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I am 36 weeks. I am 2cm dilated and 75 percent effaced. I want to know about inducing labor with castor oil?

Inducing before 39 weeks is dangerous for your baby, who would be born a preemie. Don't do it.

You are 37 weeks dilated 2 centimeters and 60 percent effaced and you want to know about inducing labor with castor oil?

Why would you want to induce your labor? There is a very good reason that pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks -- your baby NEEDS every bit of that time to become healthy and strong. I've been there and understand your impatience but give your baby its best chance and let nature take its course. You won't be sorry!!!

Does your cervix need to be effaced for castor oil to work you're dilated to a 1?


You are dilated to a one dont think you are effaced would castor oil work to get in labor?

OH MY God! You are in luck !! That is exactly how my brother's wife had her baby 4 months ago. Don't be surprised if you get diarhea too

You are 37 weeks pregnant will castor oil induce you if you are not dialated?

No it will not induce you if you are not dilated first. I tried it at 36 weeks and nothing happened, not even the runs. ("Thank god) I am 37 weeks on Tuesday and am now dilated 1 and 50% effaced. So I just took 2 tablespoons of the castor oil. It has only been a hour but so far nothing has happened. I am crossing my fingers though.

I am 38 weeks pregnant 2 centimeters dialted and 25 percent effaced how do I induce with castor oil?

Castor oil is a laxative not used to induct labor. As the labor progresses and contraction becomes strong cervical dilatation will increase.

Should you be dilated in order to take castor oil?

You should not take castor oil or anything that might cause labor. Every woman is tired of being pregnant by the 8th month and wants it to be over. Let nature take its course, if you are not dilated, it is probably not time for the baby to come. If the baby is premature it could have many problems. Nature/God designed pregnancy to last 40 weeks for many reasons, Labor should not be induced unless the pregnancy is endangering the mothers health, and then only by the doctor. Besides, chances are you will only have diarrhea, castor oil is ineffective at inducing labor.

When inducing labor with Castor oil does it cover the baby in a thick layer of grease?

No......anything you eat or drink doesn't touch the baby because your stomach and uterus aren't connected. Castor oil is not recommended for inducing labour though, because it can cause vomiting and diarrhea and is also proven to not be effective at inducing labour.

If you are 35 weeks' pregnant and 1 cm dilated and about 40 percent effaced and having strong contractions would taking castor oil help move things along?

At 35 weeks why would you want to hurry things along? You will birth a preemie with complications if you deliver now. It is unsafe to induce or encourage labor before 39 weeks unless you have specific medical complications that make continuing the pregnancy unsafe.

What can you do to start labor if you're 39 weeks and 4cm dilated and 90 percent effaced and you've had a few contractions 5 minutes apart but they stopped and castor oil and sex didn't work?

I would suggest walking and lots of it. If possible up and down a stairs it has worked for a few friends of mine. Hopefully it will work for you. An old wives tale is to scrub the kitchen floor. I don't suggest you actually do it but crawling on all fours might help. You have probably had the baby by now but this answer might be useful for someone else.

Can drinking castor oil kill a fetus?

It determined that while there were no harmful effects associated with castor oil to either mother or baby, it wasn't particularly helpful at inducing labor, either. When it's effective at beginning labor, castor oil may cause irregular and painful contractions, which can be stressful to mom and baby alike.

You are 36 weeks pregnant with contractions for 2 weeks that are 4 minutes apart but aren't intense enough not dilated Should you try castor oil?

No, castor oil is a laxative and could make things worse. You need to discuss this with your doctor.

You are dilated to a 1 and the hospital says im still thick would castor oil work and if yes how much?

I don't recommend it, but it worked for my wife. Try 100ml

You will be 38 weeks tomorrow you are 2-3 centimeters dilated and 60 effaced This is your second pregnancy Any ideas on how to speed things up?

walk around for a while (like a school track), soak in a tub of hot water(as hot as you can stand it), and also, when I had my third child i drank a cup of castor oil with a tbs of lemon juice around 8pm . It had me on the toilet around 5am. I used it about 4 to 5 times and the last trip to the bathroom I was in labor......finally LOL.

You are 34weeks and 2 days and you really want this baby out what can you. do Will castor oil work for you?

Castor oil will have no effect in reasonable quantities and, like anything else you overdo, can be dangerous in very high quantities. Have a chat with your OB/GYN and see what she says about this. They tend not to like inducing labor unless there's a medically needful reason for it, as it does increase the overall risk factors, for you and your child. But emotional factors do apply. Please don't try self-inducing. This method has so many bad results.

If you are not dilated or effaced at all and you drink castor oil can it just make you become dilated and effaced?

Supposedly it can be very bad for the baby. It will give you diarhea and as you know that causes a lot of pain, cramping, and pushing of the stomache muscles that MAY cause you to get sick enough to push enough to dilate, however they say the health risk is not worth it. Try red leaf tea, intercourse, and a bath.AnswerIf you're about ready, castor oil MIGHT help things along but it is more likely to just give you a very nasty case of the runs. It's quite normal to get impatient toward the end of a pregnancy, especially when it's uncomfortable and you can't sleep, stand, walk, sit, stand up after sitting, drive... yea. It's normal to want to get this over with. But the simple reality is, the kid will come when he/she is ready unless you can convince your doctor that he/she is ready.Another answer:Most any of the methods you can use to jumpstart labor (fresh pineapples, sex, long walks, nipple stimulation, castor oil) will only work if your body is ready- if the baby isn't ready there isn't much to do to make it come, but that's a good thing. Let that baby bake, miserable as it is for the mom. A medical induction (using pitocin) might be possible, but it significantly increases the odds of complications and makes contractions come hard and strong (and painful). Unless you are way overdue, it's best to let that baby bake.Castor oil has been associated (in my mind, wrongly) with the baby having meconium problems (when the baby has their first bowel movement in the womb and can accidentally swallow it); personally I think that that has far more to do with women going over term (and therefore more likely to have meconium) being more likely to want to get the baby out by such drastic means as drinking castor oil.It has been scientifically proven the castor oil doesn't pass to the baby... but the effects on the mom can range from nothing to severe diahrea/cramping/dehydration. That said, my sister used castor oil on 3 of her 4 pregnancies and it kickstarted labor in 2 of the 3.

Where is the Castor Branch in Castor located?

The address of the Castor Branch is: 1955 Hwy 507, Castor, 71016 M

What are homeopathic methods for inducing labor?

Homeopathy is the treatment of medical conditions with potentised substance. To induce labor try taking a spoonful of castor oil. Who's to say it is scientifically proven, but I believe this age old wise tale actually works. A best friend of mine wanted to induce labor and upon hearing this tried it later that night. Within hours she started having contractions. Her baby was born the following day. WRT to castor oil: castor oil is a natural medication. It is not homeopathy.

Im 35 weeks and im 3 cm and 100 effaced when will labor start and should you take castor oil to start it?

You are still a couple weeks off of wanting to have ur baby. If i were you I would wait one more week...i know that sounds like alot but im 2cm dialated 60 percent effaced and 33 weeks and they put me in the hospital and on restricted bed doctor told me im not leaving till im 37 weeks....give ur baby the best chance...sides caster oil is a horrible thing to do...i tried it with my daughter and was sick for 3 days...never even gave me a contraction....nipple stimulation works wonders...

Is castor oil fish oil?

Castor oil is extracted from castor seeds

Where can you buy castor oil to induce your labor?

You should not induce labor. Only a qualified obstetrician is knowledgeable enough to be the one that jumpstarts the process. If your body isn't already in labour, there is a reason for this, probably because it isn't ready. Please don't take this into your own hands. Castor oil often just causes vomiting and diarrhea, which isn't something you want during labour. It is also proven not to be effective at inducing labour.

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Castor oil

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