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I believe you should get a 250cc dirtbike

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Yeah if they have the right size dirt bike and gear

The best way to choose a dirt bike size, is to see if your feet can touch the ground.

i think i should get a size 4 dirtbike do think i should get a size 4 dirtbike ok yea i think i should.

There are different sizes for dirt bike wheels as there are for regular bike wheels.

The biggest and most expensive one you can find!

For the same engine size, it should be.

there are no age limits for dirt bike. but there are recomendations for size

its just a little bit smaller version of a regular dirt bike for 12-17 ages of kids to ride a medim size dirt bike

I would perfer a Honda CRF 50 there a very great 50cc training bike

The size or displacement of the engine, 50cc versus 125cc.

The best dirt bike for a would be a Honda CRF 100 for a male and a CRF 70 for a girl. Of course the real size of the bike depends on the size and experience of the rider.

A 150 to a 250 honda. Motocross? maybe a 200cc

Its not a matter of age so much as a matter of size and ability. If the bike fits you go for it no matter what your age is.

Whatever bike you feel comfortable on, maybe an 85 or 100 2t or a 125 or 150 4t.

Two strokes can accelerate faster but it depends on engine size

A 13 year old inexperienced rider should probably start of with an 80cc with a clutch. this way they get a feel for riding a bike.

Talk with a salesman, let them help determine what size dirt bike is appropriate for your. Be sure to tell them what you will be doing, play riding, racing, dual sport rides, etc. Select a model that is suitable for your skill level taking into account the bike's handling, power and size. Sit on the bike to make sure it is the right size and test ride each bike. Also, consider buying a used dirt bike.