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Are you working your lower abs. Try doing leg lifts. Do reps 10 to 15 for 4 sets. Know this, that you have to eat correctly to help burn that extra fat. Check me out on facebook, Speed Weight Training for other tips. Good luck and keep working hard!

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Q: You are 54 yrs old am a size 5 have been exercising for a solid year to ab exercises at least 3 usually 4 times a week still have lower stomach flab help?
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Why is it a good idea to at least an hour between eating and exercising?

Exercising after eating can compromise oxygen and nutrient delivery to muscles.

How do you say filacio in Swedish?

You don't - at least not while exercising it

How can I increase my stomach loss?

To lose at least 8 inches off your stomach I highly recommend doing exercises such as crunches and/or sit ups. Another thing to look into would be dieting, such as the Lunchbox Diet which involves you snacking throughout the day and not eating 3 meals a day.

how to get ripped and to get lean?

Try exercising for at least 30 minutes a day.

Is exercising more than one hour is good for Rumtoised Arthritis?

Exercising at least one hour (not more) is good for Rumtoised Arthritis

What is one of the best exercises to flatten your stomach?

Stomach crunches: There are at least 8 different types of sit-ups that can all have an effect on your "six-pack". Even leg-lifts while standing work that set of muscle. Always stretch before exercise and don't forget to breathe while you are working out.

How long after you've eaten should you attempt exercising?

about an hour or at least 30 min.

How much time should you spend exercising everyday?

At least 20 minutes a day.

3 exercises that will work out your core?

There are at least 3 exercises that will work out your core. Swimming, jumping rope, and jumping hurdles will work out your core.

How long do you wait to eat after exercising?

To me, waiting half an hour or 20-30 minutes after eating is very recommended. This is because when we finish eating, our food is in our stomach getting digested. When we move a lot like run or jump, the consumed food bounce around, thus, resulting in vomiting, or a sick stomach.

How can a 16year old girl lose weight if she weights 243 and is 5'7?

A 16 year old girl, or anyone who is over weight, can lose weight by eating a healthy diet with little to no "junk food" and exercising regularly (regularly is considered about 5 days a week). The best exercises for loosing weight are long (as in at least over an hour if not a few hours) aerobic exercises such running, biking, hiking etc.

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