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You are a Coptic and am legally divorced what should you do from the Coptic church point of view of this divorce based on irreconcilable differences?

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2011-09-13 19:02:20

I am a Coptic Orthodox and we belive the divorce is completely

wrong. God himslef says that He is against divorce in the Bible. In

the book of Malachi, Chap. 2 verse 16 it says, " 'For the Lord God

of Israel says that He hates divorce, for it covers one's garement

with violence.' says the Lord of Hosts. 'therefore take heed to

your spirt, that you do not deal treacherously.' " So God says that

it is very wrong to divorce. you have already done this, so you

have commited a sin. divorce is a big sin which means there would

be a big punishment. the only way to fix what you have is by

confessing to a priest. the best church to go to would be a coptic

orthodox church because it truly is the church of god. the priest

will not judge you. he will help you and give you advice. once you

have confessed, the sin will be wiped away and on judgment day, god

will not remember that sin. If you don't confess, God will not as

you, 'why have you commited this sin?' but rather, 'why have you

not confessed?' you don't have any excuses now because i have

showed you the path. you cannot say that you did not know. if you

want to know were your nearest coptic church is, you can always

search the internt, but if you are in England, write another

question with the title, "where is my nearest coptic chruch in

England" and write wat city/ town you live in and i will try to

help you.

i hope that this advice helped you.

god bless,


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