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you can get married but you cannot apply to remain here. you need to leave the uk and apply for entry clearance from turkey to come as the spouse of uk national.


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is a british citizen can get maried to a tourist visa in the uk

A US citizen can marry a foreign national on a tourist visa. The only requirement is that neither of them should already be married.

No you can't. You would more or likely get refused if you get married before getting a spousal visa after you get married. So you would need to get that visa before the wedding, while on the tourist visa.

It depends on the type of visa you wish to aquire, I posted a link with a list. To enter Turkey as a US citizen Tourist Visa: $90-$200 Business Visa:$90-$200 Diplomatic Visa:$45

If the person is already married in the Philippines, that marriage would have to be legally annulled first. You can then marry the person even if she or he has a tourist visa. As long as you are a legal citizen of the U.S.A, your new wife or husband will automatically become a citizen as well.

US citizens don't need visas to enter the US, so it doesn't matter what kind of Indian visa you have. The Indian visa is permission to enter India.

Yes, Indian tourist visa can be extended on medical grounds.

No. A US citizen can be a tourist in Germany VISA-free for 90 days.

I'am filipino citizen, do i need tourist visa going to japan?

It is possible for a Filipino in the U.S. on a tourist visa to marry an American citizen. Getting married is usually easy, but being allowed to stay in the U.S. can be more complicated in this situation and may require the help of an attorney.

If he is still married to you, he is as much a citizen as you are, as separation is not the same as divorce. A marriage with a US citizen counts more than a visa does, as marriages last longer and are harder to end than visas.

This question does not make sense with the word illegal. Nothing specific is illegal about being a Filipina on a tourist visa. If the word illegal is removed, then yes, it is possible.

If you are married to a US citizen but your tourist visa is expired and you lost your I-94, you should immediately apply for a new visa or return to your country. Your I-94 is filed electronically, and you can get a new copy from the Department of Homeland Security. If you don't take action yourself, you may end up being deported and not allowed to return.

If you plan on getting married in the US, file for a K-1 Fiance visa. It will take about 6-8 months.

If you want to go to Turkey, you don't need a Turkish passport, you need a visa to go with your passport. Only a Turkish citizen would carry a Turkish passport. The cost of a visa will depend on the type of visa that you get, but expect to spend at least $100 on it.

The tourist visa is for a set time frame. You could get married, but the person would have to return home until they can get a residency visa.

It depends what kind of VISA you have. You cannot move from Turkey to Germany on a Tourist VISA, but you can with a residency permit or work permit.

Yes, unless you are already a US citizen you will need an immigrant visa that permits you to work, not a tourist visa.

A Russian citizen must contact the French consulate in Russia to get a French tourist visa. You must go through the application process and pay all necessary fees. Then you must wait for the visa to be approved before you can travel.

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