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Forget about her and move on. You can't make someone switch and shouldn't try.

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What should I do if I like this girl but people say she is lesbian and I am a guy?

If you really like her even after hearing that she is a lesbian .Then you must confront that girl surely and try to make her your best friend as nothing more can happen if she is a lesbian.

Is it weird that I am a lesbian?

If you are a guy, yes. If you are a girl, not really.

How do you get a girl to be a lesbian?

You can't get a girl to be a lesbian if she's not a lesbian.

What is lesbian on lesbian?

It is a girl on a girl

How can you ask her nicely if a girl lesbian?

Don't ask...... or just point to a random pretty girl and ask her what she thinks of that girl. you should be able to tell if she is lesbian by her answer

Is every girl a lesbian?

No, every girl is not a lesbian.

What should a lesbian do to recognize that she is lesbian?

If a girl is having sensations or suspects that she may be lesbian, then she should try to have an experience and (cautiously) explore her curiosity. She should not push herself to anything rash, or make herself uncomfortable.

Is a girl a lesbian if she gets turned on by other girls?

Not really that just human nature but if you wanna go on with that urge then you are a lesbian/bi

Does it make you a lesbian if you see a girl and said if she was a boy you would date him?

No, it's really not.

There this really pretty girl at my school?

the preety girl in school is ravina

Should you hang out with a lesbian if you are a girl?

A person's sexual orientation has nothing to do with whether you should hang out with them.

Need a lesbian only 12 years old help you?

What does that mean? If you need a 12 year old lesbian I am ya girl!

What to do if you love a girl but you are a girl and you feel like kissing her on the lips and she's really beautiful?

Ask her if she is a lesbian. If yes, kiss her

If your girl dog humps your other girl dog are they lesbian?

not necesarily.... They could be really good friends, or they could be lesbian. There are other stuff too, like they could be bisexual (a girl or guy who likes both guys and girls) transgender (simply put, a girl who wants to be a guy or vice versa) lesbian (a girl who likes other girls). They could be undecided. Or they could be straight, just really good friends.

How do you tell if a girl likes you when you are a girl?

It depends. Is said girl a lesbian/bi sexual?Option a. Girl is lesbian.If the girl is lesbian, it should be pretty simple. It's like any other relationship.Option b. Girl is not lesbian.This is harder. If she isn't lesbian, I'd suggest not saying anything, but if you feel like you need to get your emotions out, just pull her aside and tell her how you feel. Make sure she knows that if she doesn't feel the same way that you don't want to ruin your friendship.

What is lesiban?

Do you mean a lesbian? A lesbian is a woman(or girl) who likes another woman(or girl!).

How can a girl stop liking a girl?

if your straight then just find a really cute boy and get hooked on him. but if your a lesbian then there's nothing u can do.

How do you lesbian?

if your a girl and you like girls that makes you a lesbian

Which girl celebrity is a lesbian?

Ellen DeGeneres is lesbian

If you hump a girl are you lesbian?

If you're a girl and you hump another girl, you might be bi-curious, bisexual or lesbian.

My friend is a lesbian She is a girl She act like a boy And she likes me. How should I make her not to like me. And how can I change her to act like a real girl?

i would wait then carefully tell her that your not a lesbian like she is and if she really wants to be ur friend then shell act normally around u but maybe not others.

How should a woman approach another women without knowing if she is lesbian?

when you asked that question, did you think what you would do if you lesbian? i used to be married to a man ,then we had a divorce and i went with my wife jenny.[ i am a woman by the way.] when we met i asked her if she was lesbian and she said no. i made her lesbian by telling her i really liked her as a girlfriend and then we had sex and made out. Now we have 11 kids. So if you are not lesbian i say, if you have a really close friend that is a girl, then i say ask 4 sex and do it girlfriend! you never know, she might say YES!

What do you do if you are a lesbian and have a crush on a girl but can't tell if the girl likes you?

you have to come out to her, Im not sure if you know this girl is also a lesbian or if you have no idea. In the event you dont know if she is lesbian or not you have to come out to her.

How do you kiss a straight girl if youre lesbian?

You kiss a straight girl the same way you kiss a lesbian. If you are asking "How do I get a straight girl to kiss me?", then the answer may be --- be yourself and if she likes you also, then eventually she'll share a kiss with you. Of course if she has a crush on you then she is Bi and not really straight.

What do you call the girl who likes another girl then likes also a lesbian?

she is simply a lesbian.(wants a girl/woman likes a girl/woman she is a lesbian)(wants a guy/boy likes a guy/boy then he is a gay)