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A vacuum pump may increase them some if you feel the need.

You could also use femenine hygene products (creams and such) with estrogen which would cause you to actually form breasts and maybe increase the size of your nipples - though this is probably very dangerous and would likely increase your risk of contracting certain forms of cancer and who knows else, so ask a doctor.

Why you would want to do this is beyond me though, but to each his own.

Oh, and there's always cosmetic surgery.

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16y ago
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Paul Richard

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can i make my nipples bigger by pulling the


i pull my nipples trying to make them longer will it work

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uhm... they grow as your boobs grow... I don't really think there is a possible way to make them larger. Why would you even want to make them larger? Some large nipples are unattractive.

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Q: You are a male how can you make your nipples bigger?
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