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Who was the founder of Motown

What is the best way to describe the unique combination of music styles that creates soul music

Berry Gordy Jr used a different strategy to promote his Motown artists by

The early blues musicians used which combination of instruments

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Q: You are a relative of painter Tadeusz Makowskiho you want to contact in Warsaw for sentimental reasons how do I do this?
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Does friction oppose motion or relative motion of surface in contact?

Relative motion

Can you contact mindless behavior?

No you cant unless your a relative or a friend.

Is Paul Damitart a lawyer?

Why? Did he contact you regarding a large inheritance from a relative you never heard of? He did that to me.

Does a debt collector have a right to contact a relative?

The FDCPA does not specifically prohibit a creditor or debt collector from contacting a relative of a debtor, a relative being defined as parents, siblings, etc. A creditor or collector may contact a relative to try to establish the whereabouts of the debtor but they cannot discuss the debtor's financial status. The relative who is contacted has no legal obligation to give out any information nor even to speak with the caller and has the right to insist that they not be contacted again. A creditor or debt collector may not contact anyone at unusual times and/or multiple times that could be construed as excessive.

What type of force is the force of friction?

Frictional force is a contact force which opposes relative motion.


The force that opposes relative motion btwn two surfaces in contact with each other

How can you buy a car from a relative in Illinois?

The state laws governing buying a car from a relative in the state of Illinois is the same for a relative as with any other person. Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles for exact instructions to legally purchase the car.

Can a child be forced by law to see a relative they no longer wish to have contact with?

If you mean can your parents force you to do it, then yes, they can.

Can you call a relative to the ouija board?

actually yes! but the rule is only children can contact dead relatives

Does relative clause always introduce by a relative pronoun?

Vice versa: a relative pronoun (which, that, who, whom, whose) introduces a relative clause.A relative clause can also be introduced by a relative adverb (where, when, why), or a zero relative sometimes called contact clauses (the relative clause directly follows the noun to which it relates with no introductory word).Examplesrelative pronoun: The man who called left a message for you.relative adverb: The place where I bought the carhad many to choose relative: The movie we saw was 'A Wonderful Life'.

How can you find the will of a deceased relative?

If your relative died with a will in place, the will was processed by Probate Court. Probate Court is NOT only for people who die without a will. Contact the Probate Court where your father/relative died, and they should be able to provide a copy of the will or guide your search.

What are the reasons for burning in the soles?

it is because of friction. friction is a force that opposes the relative motion of two surfaces in contact.

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