You are a special person born with bird wings how do you use them?

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If I was born with bird wings, I would get them coated in a really light metal, probably titanium, and then I would fly around the world, stopping at my favorite destinations. Then when I got home, I would rent myself out as transportation for people who don't want to drive or walk. I would make a lot of money but I would probably become crippled from the strain flying with cargo would put on my back.
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Why do birds have wings?

Interesting theory......I would say that birds have wings mainly as an aid to almost evrything they do. Carnivorous birds need their wings to swoop down on smaller birds. All birds( that have wings and are capable of flying) use their wings to evade predators and humans. They use them to hunt, to mi ( Full Answer )

What bird has the largest wing span?

The Wandering Albatross, which has a wingspan of 3.5 - 4 metres (12-ish feet), is the bird with the largest wingspan alive, both on land and sea. Close behind is the Andean Condor, the largest wingspan of a land-bird (as opposed to a sea-bird), at around 3 metres (11-ish feet). Hope this helped!

How do you clip bird wings?

all you have to do is get a small pair of nail scissors you want big scissors for big birds . so once you have the scissors you get the end bit of your birds wing and cut it ,BUT DO NOT CUT TO MUCH OF.

Which bird has no wings?

There is no bird that does not have wings. All birds, even flightless ones, have wings, though they may be too small to see.

Which birds don't have wings?

There are no birds that do not have wings. Even the flightlessbirds such as emus, ostriches, kiwi, rheas and cassowaries all havewings. It is just that their wings are undeveloped and they lackthe chest muscles necessary for flight. The kiwi's wings - whichmany people incorrectly believe are non-exi ( Full Answer )

What bird has the fastest wing beat?

The male club winged manikin has a wing beat as high as 100 per second- hummingbirds are typically about 50 per second. The Manikin uses the very high speed as a courting manuever, and not for regular flight.

Which birds do not have wings?

All birds have wings. It's just that some of them are useless forflight. Even the New Zealand kiwi has wings, though it appears tohave none. The wings are small and rudimentary, hidden under thekiwis' hairy feathers, but certainly present. Some of the flightless birds are members of the ratite f ( Full Answer )

How did birds get wings?

Genesis 1:20 And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven. Genesis 1:21 And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantl ( Full Answer )

Why are insect wings and bird wings similar?

They are actually quite different! An insects wings are a fixed shape and have an ecto-skeleton (like bones) in the outside and look very much like a leaf. Often there are two pairs together which can over-lap. A birds wing has the bones on the inside and they are hollow. The feathers spread open to ( Full Answer )

The wings of a bird and the wings of a butterfly are?

Bird wings are muscle, bone, and feathers. Butterfly wings are bone, skin, and ear . Butterflies have ears at the base of their wings, which was only discovered in the last decade. So they don't have to rely solely on their other senses to tell them where danger is.

What does a bird use its wings for?

Most birds use their wings for flight. Some of the flightless birds, or birds which do not fly much, may use their wings just for balance, especially when perching (e.g. chickens). For some flightless birds such as the kiwi, their wings appear to be without purpose.

Do birds use waves in any special way?

I see birds surfing waves all the time from my perch overlooking 90 Mile Beach in Ahipara.. While they sometimes soar along the unbroken swell for 100s of yards it seems they are scanning for fish below the surface.. However, the main attraction appears to be the sheer joy of surfing the waves; th ( Full Answer )

Do birds use their wings to swim?

most birds don't but the penguin does NekoChibi-chan: No, birds (as in ducks and geese) have very oily feather so they don't get wet. They use their legs to propel them through the water. When they become upset, they do "fly over the water and splash around with their wings a bit.

Name of bird with long wing?

The California condor and the whooping crane have enormous wingspreads and are much larger that an eagle. For instance, a California condor can weigh around 23 pounds while an eagle only weighs around 10 pounds.

How do flightless birds use their wings?

Flightless birds may use their wings in any of the following ways: . Balance . Temperature control, e.g. cooling in hot weather and warmth in cold weather . Protection of the ribcage during falls . Display during mating rituals . Defence: they may use them to scare predators . Sheltering for ( Full Answer )

Do birds have four wings?

Birds wings are just like humans arms. And you don't see humans having 4 arms. Birds have two wings.

Why did birds develop wings?

birds probably didn't develop wings. its thought they evolved from winged reptiles so it was reptiles that first developed wings.

Why are birds special?

Birds are not the only animals with wings, the only ones that lay eggs, or the only ones with beaks. But they are the only creatures in the world that have feathers.

How do wings of insects differ from wings of birds?

Windows of insects differ from the wings of birds in that they haveno features. They use a thin membrane to catch the wind. the wings of a bird are made out of feathers and creates a shapedacross its length like the wing of an airplane, a cross section ofthe wing, is seen to cause lift from aerodyna ( Full Answer )

How does a bird use its wings to control how it flies?

well you airhead... it usues it's wings for lift and thrust and all that crap and stearing, it can stop flaping for glide keep flaping for lift and speed, its tail helps with the stearing.

What bird has the fastest wing speed?

The humming birds have the fastest wing beats, but there are many different types of hummingbirds and I would suggest looking them up and not just taking it from me. I could be wrong

How do birds flap their wings?

The muscles in their wings push down and they break the airstream that is passing underneath their wings. By doing so it will give them more force and they will be less likely to hit air bumps. They will stay in the air longer. Well that's about it see you...

Which bird have wings but can't fly?

All birds have wings. There are 7 families of flightless birds in total. They include the Kiwi, Cassowaries, Rheas, Ostriches, Tinamous, Emus and Penguins. There are also numerous flightless birds within other groups of birds which are mostly made up of species which can fly. Rails, for exa ( Full Answer )

What is the wing span of the kiwi bird?

Kiwi have tiny, rudimentary wings; therefore, their wingspan is too small to measure accurately. Sources vary in the estimation of the brown kiwi's wing span as being from 0 cm to 5 cm.

Is it humane to clip a birds wings?

If you dont want them to fly away it might help. It does not hurt the bird but would you like your wings clipped.

Why are the wings of a kiwi bird too small to be of any use in flight?

Kiwi are small flightless birds which live in New Zealand, a land which, for thousands of years, was free of significant predators. Because of this, the kiwi did not need to fly, so it has wings which are too small to be of any use in flight. It finds its food on the ground and nests in burrows it d ( Full Answer )

Is birds wings a pronoun?

No, both 'birds' and 'wings' are nouns , the pluralform of the nouns 'bird' and 'wing'. A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence.The pronouns that take the place of the nouns 'birds' or 'wings'are they as a subject, and them as an object in a sentence. If you are trying ( Full Answer )

Does Petco clip bird wings?

No. Our local pet shop was closed (Andersons Pet Shop) so we called and they said no. Sad huh.

Which bird has the longest wing spam?

The Largest Wing Span Of Living Flying Birds Is From The Wandering Albatross. The Largest Seabird. Has The Largest Wingspan Of All Birds. It's Wings Can Be 3.5 Meters. The Largest Ever Wingspan And Also Largest Ever Of Flying Birds Belonged To The Argentavis. A Vulture Like Prehistoric And Extinct B ( Full Answer )

Who is the fastest wing moving bird?

The fastest bird in the world is the Peregrine Falcon with the top speed of 200 miles per hour or 350 kilometers. The Falcons top speed is achieved when performing a power dive to ambush prey. The Peregrine Falcon is a bird of prey which means that it hunts other small animals for food. Peregrine Fa ( Full Answer )

Should you clip your birds wings?

This is a question that only YOU can answer You really have to think it through about whether or not you clip your companions wings and make them lose their freedom or whether you don't clip their wings and take the risk of injury! I had two birds one is a budgie. She flew into the window once ( Full Answer )

How do a birds wings help it to fly?

The bird's wings act as an airfoil, as air goes over the wings it creates lift. When a bird flaps its wings the feathers twist in such a way that they catch more air on the downbeat than on the up beat, which creates a net downward force on the air, ans thus an upward force on the bird.

How are the wings of an insect differen from the wings of the bird?

Insect wings are part of their exoskeleton - I've found sourcesstating they evolved from external gills in very smallproto-insects that barely needed the extra surface to leave theground, and the wings became bigger and more muscular from there. Bird wings are technically arms, with the same skelet ( Full Answer )

What is a bird with no wings?

Right, basically, I was out and I saw this bird brav waddling aboutand it didnt have any wings but instead it had a sorta leavesattached, what type of bird is it, even if it is a bird! Must berare brav #getsyouthinking

What is the similarity of a bat wing and a bird wing?

Although bats and birds are both vertebrates, they evolved flight separately. Bats move the air with thin skin rather than feathers. And the bones in bat wings reach the wingtip, while birds have short wing bones and long flight feathers..sorry if i havent answered your questions properly im only 12 ( Full Answer )

How are bat and bird wings different?

A bat wing consists of a membrane of skin stretched acrossextremely elongated fingers. A bird wing is an airfoil made offeathers attached to the forearm and fused bones in the "hand" and"wrist."

How are insects and birds with wings related?

All birds have wings. Although they are both animals, they are only very very distantly related to insects. Birds are vertebrates whereas insects are invertebrates.

In yugioh Can you use grey wings special effect on your first turn?

I don't see why not. Even though you can't attack on the firstturn, that's not quite the same as saying monsters can't be givenadditional attacks. For example even if you use Gray Wing's effecton a different turn, you aren't obliged to use the additionalattack if you don't want to. Gray Wing's effec ( Full Answer )