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Q: You are a very short tempered lady how can you control yourself?
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Is Lady Gaga short?

she is short.

Is the singer Lady Gaga tall or short?

Lady Gaga is 6'5".

How tall is Lady Gaga 2011?

lady gaga is ''5'' ''3'' she is short

What will Lady Gaga next album be?

Out Of Control

How do you control your armpit?

have sex with an old lady

Can you write a sentence with the word choleric?

Choleric means: Easily angered; bad-tempered The young lady who used to be sweet tempered turned choleric once she had been taunted one to many times at work and would now snap everyone.

How short is Lady Gaga?

5 foot 1.

Is lady gagas hair long or short?


Is lady a long vowel or short vowel?


Is Lady a long vowel or a short vowel?


What words can be used to describe lord and lady Capulet of romeo and Juliet?

Lord Capulet- Inpulsive *example* he changes the date of the wedding when Juliet apologises Short Tempered*example* he yells at Juliet when she refuses to marry Paris Lady Capulet- Cold *example* shuns Juliet when she refuses to marry Paris Spiteful *example* Wishes revenge on Romeo for killing Tybalt

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Do the shocker on yourself. You're welcome, lady.

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lick your dick yourself :DD

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Yes they do, it is to be yourself

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They eat aphids.

What message does Lady Gaga try to get across?

Lady GaGa tries to get across that everyone is different, and to be yourself. She tries to get across that you shouldn't feel like a freak just for being yourself. She wants you to feel good about yourself.

How do you approach a lady?

Be yourself; don't be someone you're not, in an attempt to try make yourself more interesting.

Why are short guys scared of tall women?

they are not really scared of them the just don't want their feelings to be heart because if a you are a tall lady you certainly don't imagine yourself with a short guy... its definitely not the guys fault but about the perspective that modern ladies have today

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the shortest dress is how short the lady wearing it, is comfortable wearing it, i think

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Its a story where the author explains abt a homeless lady in the streets of toronto

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The author of the short story, "Our Lady's Juggler" is Anatole France. It is included in A Treasury of Short Stories , published in 1947 and collected by Bernadine Kielty.

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Lady of the Ice

What are words that end in y but make a short i sound?


How old was Michelle Obama When is she became the first lady?

She was three days short of 45 when she became the first lady.

What does Lady Bird eat?

Lady Birds eat aphids, which in turn eat plants. For this reason, Organic farmers use them as a form of pest control, as the aphids eat their crops and the Lady Birds keep the population under control.