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You are at gym 8 on Pokemon diamond but the leader is gone where is he?


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In the light house!

In the light house!


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The first gym in Pokemon diamond is in Oreburgh City

The Pokémon the second Gym Leader has in "Diamond" are Cherubi, Turtwig and Roserade.

The 6th gym leader is in Canalave City.

by winning a contest and by defeating the pastoria gym leader

Go to the lighthouse and the Gym leader should be there.

a gym leader can't teach a Pokemon that move but you have to defeat the 6 gym leader in order to teach that move

go into oreburgh mine and talk to gym leader

in vilstone city not hearthome that's the fifth gym leader

the FIFTH gym leader is in HEARTHROME CITY! Hope that helps!!

I have Pokemon platinum the 3rd gym leader always their your probaly just not lucky.

One of your Pokemon has to learn surf.

no but a gym leader has a lucario

maylene the gym leader of veilstone shes a user of fighting type

Byron (as Roark's Dad.) He is the 6th Gym leader in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Also his Pokemon is Steel type.

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