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IT could be that the engine is consuming it internally through an internal leak into one or more of the engine cylinders, in which case the coolant ends up going out the tailpipe as vapor as you are driving.

Im not an expert but could it be your thermostat overheating and your antifreeze is going back in to the overflow.

AnswerYou may have a blown head gasket. Have this looked into ASAP, or you will end up with severe engine damage. Stop driving this car until you get this fixed.

You can smell the exhaust when it is running and it will smell sweet if this is the case otherwise you should pay attention to this gentleman's answer and do not drive this until fixed.

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Q: You are constantly replacing anti-freeze in your 1994 Mustang there is no liquid on the ground so you do not know if it is a leak what could it be?
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You may have blown a head gasket, check you oil to see if the antifreeze is leaking into there.

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You will have antifreeze leaking out and dripping on the ground.

Why would two injectors not properly work even after replacing them on a 1994 Mustang 3.8 V6?

Make sure the wiring is correct. It should have 12 volts on one side and a pulsing ground on the other. If some are working, it must be the wiring somewhere.

If antifreeze puddle on ground from under coolant bucket do i need water pump?

It is possible that the antifreeze is coming from a bad water pump. Clean the engine off. Watch it to see where the antifreeze is leaking from, as it could be a hose instead of the pump.

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Antifreeze, engine oil, and engine parts on the ground under the vehicle might be a clue.

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1996 and up Taurus cars have a problem with cracking on the bottom of the reservoir. I have replaced the tank on all three of my familys Tauruses because two had hairline cracks that would leave antifreeze on the ground near the reservoir.

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bad ground

Your Chevy blazer was overheating and you put antifreeze in your car 3 days ago and it is all gone Where could the antifreeze be leaking to Its not on the ground?

If it is a vortec engine, it is probably the lower intake manifold gasket. In most cases you can smell it when the engine is hot.

Why can I smell antifreeze in my car?

antifreeze smell inside car means that there is antifreeze leak somewhere. first check for wet spots under car when parked after running.if anti freeze is leaking from engine it will pool on the ground next check to see if heater core is leaking. that is usually the problem. if heater core is leaking, replace it

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