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I am looking for Claudette FaucherThe Little Hostess of the Air?

HI Hi -- I have an unused autographed postcard of Caudette Faucher. It is in perfect condition. Is this what you're looking for ? It is a full length picture of her in B&W and it says "Claudette Faucher The Little HOstess of the Air Claudette is my sister in law, if you still have the autog ( Full Answer )

What does a hostess do?

Restaurants: . The hostess (host) is the first staff person to interact withcustomers as they enter the business. The hostess (host) is theinitial representation of the quality of service of that business. . The hostess (host) interacts with customers waiting for seatingor take-out orders to ens ( Full Answer )

What should you do if you want to be an air hostess?

Good personalities-affable and pleasant to all people even in stressful situations. Hard working. A lot of walking is required. Punctuality-you'll lose your job without it. Know the safety situations and emergency evacuation routines inside and out. No fear of flying. Not too shy to make announcemen ( Full Answer )

Why one should become an air hostess?

Air hostess as a profession can travel all over the world with luxurious life standard. The reason is only one profession with minimum academic qualification in early age can have exiting experience of flying, visiting different places, visiting different kinds of people all over the world with worl ( Full Answer )

Why did the name Air Hostesses get changed to cabin crew?

The name was changed because hostess implies female and in our modern times jobs have to gender neutral (hence chairman is now called chairperson etc). Many people think this is silly because the the names are historic or there are perfectly good male / female equivalents. For instance there could b ( Full Answer )

What is the average salary for an air hostess?

The average salary for a flight attendant is $67,284. For more information on this topic, visit this link:

What are the requirements to become an air- hostess?

The Minimum Requrerments To Become An Air Hostess Are : You should be in a possession of at least a Senior Certificate. You must have good vision and have the ability to speak clearly and fluently in English. Additional languages applicable to the South African Police Service would be an asset. A ( Full Answer )

What is male air hostess called?

A male air hostess is called an air host. He may also be called asteward. A flight attendant is also a commonly used term for maleand female cabin crew.

What are the questions asked for air hostess interview?

1. Tell us about yourself? 2. Why do you want to join us? 3. What would you like to do in five years' time ? 4. Do you prefer working with others or alone? 5. What are your biggest accomplishments? 6. What are your favorite subjects? 7. Why should we hire you? 8. What are your hobbies? ( Full Answer )

What is the Salary of air hostess in Australia?

The salary of a flight attendant in Australia is $39,999. This isaverage and it can go up or down depending on experience and thespecific area that the flight attendant works in.

What are the job requirements for becoming a hostess at a restaurant?

For average restaurants its usually not necessary to have prior job experience although it is helpful. You need to be socialable, friendly and outgoing, organized, and happy to come to work. Just fill out the application, be ready for your interview and hope for the best!

Subjects to study to become an air hostess?

- a few foreign languages:- german, japanese, latin, french, spanish ( very important) - Geography - maths and english - travel and tourism - science:- biology - P.E ( you need to be able to swim about 100k) while you study to be an air hostess, at uni you will be told to take make-up c ( Full Answer )

What is the salary of an air hostess?

\nthe country wise it will be different. Indian Airlines pays the Air Hostess Salary around INR rs. 60,000 to 100,000. It differs in Domestic and International Flights or differ with the Air lines indusrties too. In USA it will be started with the $12/hour or more. Please visit this page for more de ( Full Answer )

What are the roles and responsibilitiesof an air hostess?

roles@to give people best attitude and to have good customer service responsibilities@to make sure that people are served with what thy want and to make sure that they make people happy at all times

Working hours for an air hostess?

it totally depends on which part of the world she ix in n 2ndly it depends on the flight the she must take n its different in all the countries mostly it 2 flights per day which is a domestic flight n 5-8 are international flights in a month. i hope i answered it well ;)

Is being an air hostess a good job?

being am air hostess is a very good job although it emplies patience and nice manners. being an air hostess is an opportunity to meet people from all around the world and this is a very good opportunity to be given ! the answer to your question is quite simply yes

What is a male air hostess called?

The modern term is simply Flight Attendant and generically they are all Cabin Crew. Steward is also a term that is used quite often.

What qualifications needed to be an air hostess?

As I have seen the air hostess during my travels and find some of them very great people are: They were very confident. They were very polite, and focused they were very friendly .

What is the color of air hostess uniform?

It depends on the airline - but dark blue is popular There isint any specific color of the air hostess uniform but it varies from airline to airline as they all have their specifics colors for the air hostess dresses.

Which type of personality require for air hostess?

The PERSONALITY:- . Interesting Character . Pleasant,Friendly . Calm,Self Reliance . Outspoken . Full Of Ideas (resourcefulness) . NOT Temperamental . Tactful . Patient

All reqirments for an air hostess?

you will need a diploma of post education, and a good rapport with people, however, proper use of the English language is a must, also a working knowledge of 1 or 2 other languages is an asset.

How many hours do you have to work to be an air hostess?

you have to be able to work long hours due to flight lateness or other things that may effet your hours and be able to deal with that and generaly some hours are small depending on the flight or your shift

What is minimum height required to be an air hostess?

It varies on standards set by different training institutes a good height is essential , somewhere around 5'3 is minimum in some institutes and anything above is considered an additional qualification and sometimes when you have a very pleasing personality there are exceptions just go ahea ( Full Answer )

Who is the patron saint of air hostesses?

There is no designated patron saint of hostesses but there are patron saints of air crews: Joseph of Cupertino, Our Lady of Loreto and Therese of Lisieux.

What sort of things would you do as an air hostess?

If you mean being an air hostess in training, then the things you need to do are practice swimming (in the case of airplane falling into water) , etc If you are already one, then you will go around the airplane serving drinks and doing what the passengers tell you to do in order of satisficatio ( Full Answer )

What is the procedure behind getting in air hostess job?

First of all you'd have to apply for the airline, the more popular airlines (cathay pacific, qantas, singapore airlines etc) dont have as many jobs on offer, as they are more or less full. Secondly, show the hiring manager all your qualifications, and if you speak a useful second language (japanese, ( Full Answer )

How much tip can be given to an air hostess?

According to a poll from Airfarewatchdog, about 27% of passengers tip their flight attendants. Tips are usually not large, and sometimes attendants aren't allowed to accept tips, but they range from a few bucks and a cookie to as much as $50 or $100.

What are the job requirements of a hostess?

To be a job hostess there are many requirements. Some of the best requirements are hospitality, organization skills, and people skills. When people see that the hostess has a great attitude the customers are more relaxed.

What kind of hostess jobs are available on Careerbuilder?

Right now, Careerbuilder has opportunities for hostess jobs with Six Flags Amusement Parks. There are hostess positions available in San Antonio, Texas, Arlighton, Texas, Bowie, Maryland, and many other locations.

Who can apply for an Air Hostess job?

The first requirement to apply for a job position as a Air Hostess is you must be 18 years of age at least. You must also have graduated High School. Another requirement is you must be of a certain height range.

How does the job of a server and a hostess differ?

A hostess is a person who is at the front and organizes where the clients will be served. On the other hand, a server is the person who actually takes the orders and serves the food.

Can you be a air hostess?

No, Because I am a Boy. I would have to be a Air Steward. But both descriptions are outdated. Any healthy person can become a "Flight Atendent" The training is available and will be provided if you get hired bythe airline.