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Can you still miscarry with hcg level 1800?

Yes. A woman can miscarry late in the first trimester or second trimester when hCG levels are at peak at over 250,000.

What is a weight gain diet for gaining muscle?

Well, I would recommend exercising daily or regularly for longer periods of time to ensure gaining weight on the body, but not fat. That way, the person is still healthy.

Can you still abort a baby when you're in your second trimester?

Yes. The limit in the US is 24 weeks so before that.

Should i still be vomiting in my second trimester?

each pregnancy is diffrent, some women vomit more then others.

How is it possible that people are cutting down on the percentage of fat in their diet and still gaining weight?

Diets dont help

If you take a pregnancy test in your second trimester will it still be positive?

Yes a pregnancy test will continue to be positive until after the baby is born.

Would gaining weight give you the same symptoms as a pregnancy you think you are pregnant have all the symptoms but got a negative result could you just be getting fat?

Are you still getting your period? Gaining weight can make you more tired. It wont make your breast tender unless its alot of weight at once. Like 25 pounds or more in a few weeks. You do not get sick from gaining weight. You dont get swollen ankles from gaining weight, those come after gaining weight. Go to the doctor and take the pregnancy test there because its more accurate than the store one. If your not pregnant they can evaluate the weight gain. It could be something else like thyroid.

Is it possible to still be pregnant if pregnancy symptoms have faded in early pregnancy given that most advice says symptoms usually remain through to the second trimester?

Yes, most symptoms stop at the end of the first trimester

How long will it take to lose weight after going off birth control pills will it be after i have my period i stopped bc four monthes ago. I'm still gaining weight and i havent had my period yet.?

you might want to get a pregnancy test if you are gaining weight and missing periods. Good luck!

What could be wrong if you have loss of appetite but still gaining weight sore nipples and feel bloated and sick?

u could be prego

If you are gaining weight but losing fat is that ok?

Yes. If you are working out and gaining muscle tone, then it is reasonable that you may gain a little weight (a few pounds) or not lose as much weight as you normally would have if you were just losing "fat" weight. It is good that you are losing fat! In addition, you may be putting on some water weight as your body adjusts. This will go away completely within a few weeks or so. If this is not the case, and you are losing "fat" but still gaining weight, you may want to see a nutritionist or doctor to find out why that would be happening. Absent of that, there is nothing wrong with gaining a few pounds of muscle as you lose fat.

Do diabetic diets make the patient lose or gain weight?

Typically, diabetic diets make the patient lose weight as opposed to gaining weight. However, it is of course possible to gain weight on such a diet. Regular exercise is still essential.

Is it possible to be pregnant after your second period after a 2nd trimester miscarriage if your period is light but you still have period symptoms and pregnancy test is negative?

It is extremely unlikely that you are pregnant.

Should you get liposuction?

Liposuction is very helpful for people who are trying to lose weight especially who are staying away from eating and still they are gaining weight. I would recommended because its has a vary side effects.

In second trimester and spotting light brown normal?

yes, but usually only when it is after sex, or after straining or exercize, if it persists, or if it still occurs when your not exercizing be sure to visit a doctor.

What is normal BPD in the second trimester pregnancy?

BPD? Bronchopulmonary dysplasia happens when the baby is still on oxygen after 28th days of life.It happens outside of the womb not during pregnancy.

What can you take for pain during third trimester?

Still i buprofen or paracetamol.

Can you still experience pms and be pregnant?

it is common for women to still get their menstrual period their first trimester of pregnancy.

You used to weight 190 but for some reason you kept gaining weight and you would exercise and workout but you still gained weight 9 months later you weight 270 how lose the weight?

I would suggest asking a Doctor. I'm over weight, but I don't really what to talk to other people about it. Sorry if this isn't much help

Is 7 stone 3 normal for a 53 13 year old?

If you mean 5'3, then its about normal weight, but it is a bit underweight try gaining 10 pounds or so. That would be a great body weight. but you're still have healthy weight for a 13 yrs.

What are the Symptoms in the second trimester?

Back ache Rapid weight gain/bump shape forming needing to pee more headaches some people start having or still have morning sickness during this trimester and most still keep an aversion to certain smells/colours/foods Harder to walk/climb stairs/do strenuous activity Clothes don't fit Red cheeks Sweating more Some people are still exhausted and this is OK sometimes, but if it is all the time, then you need to see your doctor or midwife because you may be anaemic Dental problems Swollen feet and ankles

How do you lose weight when you are not hungry?

Eating is the cause of gaining weight, so when people aren't hungry and don't eat, they naturally lose weight due to the fact that they are not putting any weight into their body. In fact, if they are still having bowel movements and are urinating, along with burning calories, they are expending more weight than they are putting in.

Does raw thyroid extract aid in weight loss?

I have had my thyroid removed, and I gained sooooooo much weight. When I was perscribed the synthetic thyroid, I was still gaining, when I supplemented it with the raw thyroid hormone, I lost weight, and didn't feel jittery. I love it and have lost 60 lbs

Does cramping after you ovulate mean your not pregnant?

No you can still have cramps during your first trimester

What can happen to the baby if the mother gets the rubella virus when she was pregnant?

the percent of the baby having congenital birth defects or being still born is %85 higher than a mother without the disease, and the percent in the second trimester is %25, and while in the third trimester there will most likely be no <b><i>SERIOUS</b></i> problems