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You are nervous about your first plane ride you are twelve and you are taking the trip alone what do you do?

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May 27, 2009 5:48PM

Learn about your trip. Find out about what the airplane does and what noises you will hear. If you learn what is making the noise, then you won't be so jumpy. Find ways to keep busy during the flight. If you are scared or air-sick, the worst thing you can do is close your eyes and sit still. It is important to Look around and keep a visual reference to the ground. Move around some. Get up and walk around if the aisle isn't blocked. If you tend to get air sick, do not close your eyes. You will become disorientated. Instead look out the window and watch the horizon. This gives you mind a stable reference point. Find some "games" or things to study while flying. I had a book for elementary kids that had some fun projects to study and time and observe while in flight. Have fun.