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yes! the poor fella is being restricted... geeze. Just buy some maternity pants already and think of how much more comfortable your baby will be, he's already confined to a small area, he doesn't need to be squished anymore.

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โˆ™ 2008-10-28 18:22:43
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Q: You are seven months pregnant and dislike maternity clothes you are still wearing your pre-pregnancy tight jeans but the waistband is really digging in as bump getting bigger Will this harm the baby?
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Are there bikinis made to wear when I need maternity clothes?

Most women start to wear maternity clothes when they are 5 months pregnant. The size of your maternity clothes will be the same size as your regular clothes. For example, if your wear a size 8 in your regular clothes, your maternity clothes will be size 8 too.

Where can I get Sims 3 Teen Maternity Clothes?

you cant, the maternity clothes just appear on your pregnant sim not for teens! and you can get some at poppy sims

Are there work out clothes for pregnant women?

Of course, they make all clothes for pregnant women including work out clothes. Check at your maternity clothing store.

How do you get new maternity clothes on sims 2?

You can get new maternity clothes for Sims 2 by downloading Squinges mod; pregnant Sims wear any outfit.

Who invented maternity clothes?

The first woman who got pregnant and then got dressed...

Can you get pregnant on imvu?

Yes, but you have to buy certain maternity clothes from the catalog first.

When should a pregnant woman begin wearing maternity clothes?

You should begin wearing maternity clothes whenever you begin to feel uncomfortable otherwise, as there is no set time where you must wear maternity clothing.

Are there maternity workout clothes?

Yes there are maternity workout clothing, the idea is that while pregnant you should still exercise to increase the health of the baby and yourself.

What styles of clothing does Motherhood Maternity offer?

Motherhood maternity offers many styles of clothing, ranging from plain blue jeans to elegant gowns. Maternity clothes are just like regular clothes, only for pregnant women. Whatever you want, they have it.

Who makes size adjustable maternity clothes?

Many maternity clothes are made with elastic waistbands to accommodate a growing belly. You can purchase maternity clothes at Target, Old Navy, and Motherhood Maternity.

Should I get my maternity clothes from Walmart?

Walmart has some of the best deals on maternity clothes. However you can find inexpensive maternity clothes at Target and Kmart as well.

Do maternity clothes come for particular parts in pregnancy?

Yes. Maternity clothes are designed to be worn during different stages in pregnancy. Jeans, short and other pants have different styles that fit during different stages. A new trend in maternity jeans is a wide waistband that can be worn across the belly early in the pregnancy or below the bump towards the end. The clothes that fit at the end of the pregnancy will not be the same as those worn earlier.

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