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You are thirteen and weigh 125 pounds and you are big boned are you over weightOh and 5 2 and a half?

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I am big boned and 5'9 can i ever weigh 110?

There is no such thing as being big boned. Yes you can weigh 110 pounds, I dont know if that would be the right size for you, but with diet and exercise it is possible. I would maybe try for 140 pounds.

Are you obese if you are 5'2 and weigh 139 pounds?

this depends. if you are the type of person who is big boned or have big muscles, then 139 pounds is not obese for you. however, if you don't have a lot of muscles or are not big boned, then you are most likely i bit obese.

If you are 5'6 and big boned how much should you weigh?

Female 140 pounds (10 st.) or a few pounds more. Male 148 pounds or a bit more.

How much does a thirteen year old supposed to weigh?

95-105 pounds

How much should a ten year old girl weigh when she is 5'2?

about 70-90 pounds but 80-115 if your big boned

How much should you weigh if your 5' and ten years old?

You should atleast range from 70-85 lbs. (pounds) If you are bigger boned you should weigh atleast 85-97 pounds if you want to be healthy.

How much should you weigh if you are a thirteen girl who is 5 1?

Around 100 pounds

Is a thirteen year old weighing 100 pounds fat?

not at all. I am 11 and I weigh 88 pounds most 12 year old's should weigh 100. you are perfectly fine

If you are thirteen year old girl how much should you weigh?

110 pounds ill be thirteen really soon and im 5'6 and i weight 111 but probley should gain ten more pounds

How much can a jaguarundi weigh?

On the extreme side, six to twenty pounds. Thirteen pounds may be a fair estimate of the average jaguarundi's weight

How much should a thirteen year old girl weigh who is 57?

Well Im thirteen 5 7 and I weigh 98 pounds but I think that's really skinny cause I am reallyskinny but .. Hope this helped?

You are thirteen and you weigh eighty four pounds is that to much?

well im 15 5''7 and i weight 165 pounds and im not fat if that helps

Is 84 pounds okay for a thirteen year old?

Im ten and i weigh 81 I'd say that is underweight and 13 years should weigh about 93 lbs.

I am thirteen years old and i weigh 117 pounds. Is that a lot?

its not that's perfect weight for a 13 year old!:)

I am a 11 year old girl and i weigh 113.5 pounds and my height is 4'11 i am big boned because i come from a big boned family and i haven't started my period is that normal to be that weight?

Medically speaking your weight is ok, averagely speaking, for woman in your height range its healthy to be anywhere from 90-124 pounds. Remember that this depends on a lot of things and can very also on health problems, frame size (you know big boned, small boned...someone 4'11 with a big frame for example usually should weigh 120-134, even 145) and many other things. Because of your age some people might say that you should weigh around 95 pounds, but like I said, it greatly depends on who your asking, your health, your life style, and much much more. So in conclusion, yeah its normal.

Is 130 pounds nomal for a 14 year old girl?

it really depends on the height of the girl, but no a thirteen year old girl should not weigh 130 pounds.

How much should some thirteen being four foot eleven weigh?

Anywhere from 80 pounds to 120 pounds I think. It really depends on your body structure, if you're muscular or an athlete you could weigh more and not be "fat"

How much does mud weigh?

In order to determine how much mud weighs, the density is needed. For instance, one gallon of loose mud would weigh in at approximately thirteen pounds.

I am 142 pounds an 5'3 is this overweight?

im 5'7 1/2 and i weigh around 150-maybe more.. but ya i think that's ok unless ur not big boned

Forget about being big boned How much do the 206 bones in a 160-pound body weigh?

PCH=29 pounds although bones make up about 15% of your body weight

If you weigh 128 pounds and are12 12 is that over weight?

im turning thirteen this month, and weigh 128 pounds, and im 5'3. so we are about the same. i would like to loose a little weight though. go to and do the bmi calculator and it will tell you. im turning thirteen this month, and weigh 128 pounds, and im 5'3. so we are about the same. i would like to loose a little weight though. go to and do the bmi calculator and it will tell you.

How much should a five foot two thirteen year old girl weigh?

The weight that a thirteen year old girl should weigh who is 5'2" depends on the girl's body frame. For a small frame the average weight should be between 106 and 118 pounds.

If you weigh 48.3kilograms how much do you weigh in pounds?

You weigh 106.5 pounds.

If you weigh 135 pounds how much would you weigh?

On Mars, you'd weigh 51.30 pounds. On Jupiter, you'd weigh 315.90 pounds. On the Moon you'd weigh 22.95 pounds.

Do some people have Heavier Bones than others?

well it depends how healthy you are say for instants big boned people that are anarexics probably weight same weight as people small boned, and medium boned people would weigh heavier, but mostly big boned people are classified the heaviest bones