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The bank that you have the loan with hires repo men to repossess the vehicle

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My car was repossessed and they wont give me back the car unless i pay the car off?

that's the point of repossession. you cant pay, they take it away.

How do you get out of your car on need for speed the run?

In this game you cant come out of the car, its a racing game.

When you finance a car in Washington State what is the statute of limitations on the bank collecting the vehicle?

This must be an exam Question. What does it matter? IF you havent paid for the car and cant/wont, take it back to them. IF you have told the lender to come get it and they havent, call a tow truck to come get it. They will deal with lazy lenders.

What if there will be no magnetic effect on earth?

then you wont have a car and a house and a person and you cant go to the toilet because it will float

What will happen with the intake manifold runner stuck closed?

car wont run its like a carb if the choke is close the car cant breath

Why wont your fans come on with the air but they do come on when it gets hot?

when the air dont come on when its hot its because theres no air getting into the car and the car starts to get hot

Can a lender repo the car if you fillt a chapter 7 that is disharget and the never came for the car how long do the have after the BK to get the car or clear the tiltle in KY?

IF your loan was discharged, you are NO longer the owner of the car. You can call a local wrecker company to come get it as a towaway. You cant get title to it.

Can the owner report the car as stolen when the co signer has it?

You can report it stolen but they wont do anything once they find out a co owner has the car. They cant steal a car they own.

Why cant you get your aftermarket radio out of your car at the tow truck company yard if your car is totaled?

Once you sign that paperwork, you agree to relinquish the vehicle to the insurance company as is.

When key cant come out of ignition?

car thinks it's not in park

How can i get a car repo'ed really fast?

phone up the loan company and tell them you wont pay.

Is it true that when you are behind in car payments and they have not been able to find the car to repo it the lender can file charges for theft?

It is true but not likely. The normal is to file a writ of REPLEVIN. The court has the sheriff come to get the car or YOU if you cant/wont produce the car. Just give it up and avoid all the extra charges ect.

Why wont my 99 GS400 dashboard lites come on even though the car starts but wont go into drive?

Are you more interested in the lights going on or the car driving? Just curious.

What does check AT mean Nissan Maxima 03?

car wont start cant jump start AT Check light comes on

Where did kia come from?

Kia is a car company from Kia Korea.

How do you get rid of a car that a bank will not come to get?

Call a local towing company and tell them to come get it as a tow-a-way. Simple. abandoned car.

Why wont your car washer fluid come out 2008 impala?

Ineffective pump, blockage in the lines.

Battery replaced car won't start 2002 Saturn security reset?

sometimes my 02 satrun wont start when it wont the door locks wont work and with just the key on brake pushed cant put it to nentral.Help

Can you return a car to the dealer if you cant pay it?

yes you can if not they will just come in the night and take it.

When the car company comes and gets your car and tells you to come get everything that belongs to you out but they wont let you take everything what is your right on that?

You may take all property loose in the vehicle. You may not take the stereo or portions of the stereo, lights, chrome, wheels, and so on.

Why wont my 1996 Monte Carlo start when the security light is on?

The security system shuts the whole car down so that it cant be stolen.

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