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You can flip a coin with two magnets?

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Yes. All you have to do is get two magnets and put a quarter or any type of coin in the middle of the magnet on the floor and put on the south and south of north and north and it flips!! It always works if you have it on a corner of the magnet.

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What is the probability of getting heads on the one flip of coin?

There are two sides to the coin, so the probability of getting heads or tails on one flip of the coin is 1/2 or 50%.

Are flip flops magnets?

It's possible there may be some company producing a magnetic product they call "flip flops" and/or flip flop sandals that are magnetic, either miniature or full, wearable sized; but, no, flip flops are not magnets, generally speaking. Flip flops are a simple type of sandal.

What is a dichotomous variable?

Two mutually exclusive or contradictory categories. (like when you flip a coin)

What is the probability of getting at least two tails?

That depends how many times you flip the coin.

What part of the soccer team participates in the coin flip?

The two captains do the toss with the referee.

How can you flip a coin with out touching it?

By using a device or machine that will flip it for you.

How can you decide between two things?

Have someone else flip a coin. Pay attention to which way you hope the coin ends up.

What does a single side of a double-sided coin or disk represent?

Two possibilities that when you flip the coin you would get heads or tails.

What is a two headed nickel with the years 1979 and 1999 worth?

It's a novelty coin made specifically for the novice magician and for those who want to know the outcome when they flip a coin. Such a coin demonstrates the need to always look at both sides of the coin when someone offers to flip a coin to make a decision.

Is flipping a quarter and a penny a dependent event?

No. Each flip of each coin is an independent event. The flip of the quarter has no effect on the flip of the penny and vice versa. Also, the previous flip of either coin has no effect on the next flip.

If you flip a coin to determine the pizza if the coin sHow is heads the pizza is garlic if the coin is tails the pizza is cheese what is the probability that the pizza would be garlic on two consecuti?

The flip of a fair coin is 0.5 heads and tails, so you want the probability of head & head. This probability of garlic, garlic two consecutive tosses is 0.5 * 0.5 = 0.25.

Why do they flip a coin at the start of a volleyball game?

they flip a coin at the start of a volleyball game so they can decide who serves first.

How do you do the coin flip if you are the referee for the captains in soccer?

They do not flip a coin it depends if you are home or away. Away gets ball first.

What are the release dates for The Flip of a Coin - 1919?

The Flip of a Coin - 1919 was released on: USA: 8 March 1919

What are the release dates for By the Flip of a Coin - 1915?

By the Flip of a Coin - 1915 was released on: USA: 1 July 1915

Is a quarter with two different dated faces valuable?

No, it's a novelty coin, manufactured specifically for people who want to know what the results will be when they flip a coin.

What is the probability of getting tails when you flip a coin?

Each time you flip a coin, the probability of getting either heads or tails is 50%.

What is a binary response?

Two mutually exclusive outcomes. You flip a coin, and only heads and tails are possible.

You flip a coin nine times and obtain ttttttttt if you flip the coin one more time what is the probability of getting h?

The probability of a flipped coin landing heads or tails will always be 50% either way, no matter how many times you flip it.

What coins stick to magnets?

a coin that says Regina on it

If you flip a coin and you get a head Is the result of the second flip of the coin dependent or independent?

Independent- there is still a 50/50 chance no matter what the previous result was.

What is the probability that a single coin flip will come up heads?

The probability that a single coin flip will come up heads is 0.5.

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