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Your breath

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Q: You can hold it without holding it What is it?
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What can you hold without holding?

Your dreams or your breath.

Why you cannot hold a bucket of water without holding it?

"Can't hold without holding it" doesn't make sense. Either you hold it, or you don't. Tertium non datur.

What can you hold without touching or holding with your hands?


What can you hold without ever touching or holding with your hands?


What does 'Order Holding Defendant' mean?

Unable to answer without more specific information. The words "hold" and "holding" can have several meanings depending on how, and to what, they are applied.

What is holding tools?

holding tools is to hold things

What holding tools?

holding tools is to hold things

Do you need to make electabuzz hold a item to breed a elekid?

No. Electabuzz needs to hold a special item to evolve but it can produce an elekid in daycare without holding an item.

What is the present progressive tense of hold?

The present progressive (continuous) conjugation is: I am holding You are holding He/she/it is holding We/they are holding

What are the methods of holding workpieces without damaging them?

If you need to hold something but are worried about damage, gloves almost always help.

What is held present tense?

I/you/we/they hold. He/she/it holds. The present participle is holding.

How do you eat bad tasting foods without tasting it?

Hold your breath and hold your nose. Put the food in your mouth (still holding your breath and nose). Chew and swallow. Then still holding your nose take a big gulp of your drink. Swill around your mouth and swallow. That's it ;)

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