You can say or do but you never can?

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Do you say i never have or i have never?

Either would be correct for the perfect tense (assuming that "have" here is an auxiliary and that another verb will follow, such as "I have never seen..." or "I have never forgotten..."). Customary and preferred placement for the adverb ("never") is between the two parts of the verb: "I have never [ ( Full Answer )

What does never say never mean?

When someone says he "never" can do something, it means he thinks it's impossible to do it. But nothing is impossible and people can do things that they thought they never would do. So this phrase suggests that we shouldn't say never to anything. It's funny because this sentence already tells you ( Full Answer )

How do you say and i never say that in German?

ich sag das nicht == nicht is used to make the denial form, e.g. ich sage das (I say that) - ich sage das nicht (I don't say that) I never say that - ich sage das nie or more commonly - das sage ich nie ya i say ich sacht nicht i might have bad grammer so u might be right

Never say never quote by?

'Never say never' is an example of a tautology, a concept which reverts meaning upon itself.. If the injunction is to not say 'never', the thought is violated with the first 'never' of the phrase.. The concept of word games and word play precedes written language itself. Some other tautologies inc ( Full Answer )

Who wrote the song never say never?

The people who created the "the karate kid" created the song never say never Justin bieber and jaden smith only put the rap part in but its still an amazing song !!!!!

What is Never Say Never by Justin Bieber about?

NEVER SAY NEVER . It is about how Justin Bieber was discovered, his life, his music, his family, and his friends. He has VERY loving parents. Jeremy Bieber, and Patty Malette.

When was never say never released?

North America United States 11-Feb-11 Canada-English 11-Feb-11 Canada-French 11-Feb-11 Latin/South America Argentina 24-Mar-11 Brazil 25-Mar-11 Chile 31-Mar-11 Colombia 25-Mar-11 Mexico 25-Mar-11 Panama 25-Mar-11 Peru 24-Mar-11 Venezuela 25-Mar-11 Middle East / Africa ( Full Answer )

Why was the song 'Never Say Never' written?

Justin Bieber wrote Never Say Never because the film remake Karate Kid was about fighting and needed a title song. That's why Never Say Never features Jaden Smith. Also, the song was for the movie Never Say Never starring Bieber.

What are the lyrics to never say never?

I never thought that I could walk through fire i never thought that i could take a burn I never had the strength to take it higher until i reached the point of no return and theres just no turning back when your hearts under attack gonna give everything i have it's my destiny I wil ( Full Answer )

What are the lyrics to the song Never Say Never?

Never say never (never never never) You see I never thought that I could walk through fire I never thought that I could take a burn I never had the strength to take it higher Until I reached the point of no return And there's just no turnin back When your heart's under attack Gonna g ( Full Answer )

How do you get never say never passes?

well you have to go on (ryan and then push the never say never thing band fill it out and youll get it janury24 2011 good luck :)

Why should you say never say never?

you shouldn't say never because when you say never you might be wrong and whatever you say never like it is never gonna happen it might happen.

Is never say never a paradox?

No, it is a simple logical statement. As you will note. I haven't mentioned 'that word', and at no point in time will I ever say 'that word'. it is an instruction, albeit a hypocritical* one. telling someone else to never use the word never, however, it makes you look like an idiot for being a hypo ( Full Answer )

Can you listen to never say never?

yes, u can. i m living in India & i can. u can go to Google search & type listen to never say never and u can even get the lyrics. tis is the simplest way. it's an awsome song. hope i was some help. always luv jb &the rumours 'bout him r not true, i garinty that.

Is never say never a good movie?

ITS AWESOME ! if your a beliber you'll love same aas i did . but even if your one of those ppl how hate jusin bieber the movie you'll still LOVE it .

What is the story of never say never?

the story of it really is karate kid it shows some clips of it in the song no it isn't the main story of never say never is that when you want to do something and you are really feel that you need to do it its like you can but never say i cant never ever!

When is never say never ending?

It doesn't. It can't. By saying "never", you've just broken the "paradox" to never say never. Thus, unless you don't ever find out what never means, making it near impossible to be able to use it properly, you can't never say never. Once someone says "never", they can no longer say that they've neve ( Full Answer )

What are the lyrics to the rap in never say never?

Now he's bigger than me, Taller than me. And he's older than me, And stronger than me. And his arms a little bit longer than me. But he ain't on a JB song with me! I be trying a chill They be trying to side with the thrill. No pun intended, was raised by the power of Will. Like L ( Full Answer )

When does never say never end?

maybe be when kratie kid is played out but i now never say never will never end its a nice song

When will never say never be in stores?

Its already in Stores.. well it is in Walmart.. Also its already available online i don't like Justin bieber but there is some ppl who do out there everybody has different tastes i gess..

Is Never Say Never still in theaters?

No, Never Say Never is out of theaters in most states. However, you should check your local theater to see if it is still showing it.

Is there a song like never say never?

yes there is its jb's song he wrote with jaiden. Well yes there is that answer but there is a song like Justin Biebers song "Never say Never" but the words are somewhat different but back in 1994 they made a movie called Thumbelina and there was this bird who sang Never say never what ever you do (: ( Full Answer )

How do you say never say in Japanese?

'Never say' would translate to: 決して言わないでください /ke sshi* te i WA nai de ku da sai/ in polite Japanese. [*: the 'shi' syllable is pronounced geminated. When read together the 'i' is reduced and therefor it's pronounced as a bit elongated ( Full Answer )

What are the tracks in never say never the movie?

1.Never Say Never (ft Jaden Smith) 2.That Should Be Me (remix ft rascall flatts) 3.somebody to love (ft usher remix) 4.up (ft chris brown remix) 5.overboard (live ft miley cyrus) 6.runaway love (ft kanye west and raewkon kanye west remix) 7. Born to be somebody from the never say never the remixes a ( Full Answer )

What album is the song Never Say Never on?

There are many songs titled "Never Say Never", and here are details on some of them... Artist: Justin Bieber Album: Never Say Never - The Remixes (2011) Artist: The Fray Album: The Fray (2009) Artist: Vandalism Album: Turn The World On (2006) Artist: Brandy Norwood Album: Never Say N ( Full Answer )

Where do you get never say never?

You just type in Google, and there u 'll have it... Here type it like this: Never Say Never By Justin Bieber

What is the full never say never quote?

Theres gonna be times in your life when people say you cant do something. Theres gonna be times in your life when people tell you you cant live your dreams. And theres gonna be times people tell you you cant sell out Madison Square Garden. This is what i tell them: Never Say Never. I think thats ( Full Answer )

Will there be a never say never 2?

never say never was about Justin's life so i don't think he'd make one more movie bout it :) it'd be just boring to wath the same story (maby not THE same) for the second time :D

How do you play never say never on bass?

all what you have to do is follow the musician and do the same music on a bass and start singing never say never and by the way who is f... who loved jb?

What are never say never lyrics?

"Never Say Never" (feat. Jaden Smith) (Never say never) (Justin)See I never thought that I could walk through fire I never thought that I could take the burn I never had the strength to take it higher Until I reached the point of no return And there's just no turning back When ( Full Answer )