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You can make sure they love you by asking them if they do or not if they say dunno or kinda Ur out or if they say def Ur in luck

one thing ask Ur friend to ask him cuz he wont say no to u

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How do you be the best girlfriend?

make sure you really love your boyfriend

Can i make healthy vegan food that me and my boyfriend will love?

If you and your boyfriend like vegan food, then I'm sure it will be good.

My new boyfriend is a paraplegic. He wants to make love. Can we?

sure...have fun

When should you start kissing your boyfriend?

When you and him already make sure that you are love each other.

What to do if your boyfriend doesnt see you showing your love?

If you love him make sure he knows it. When you love someone it should naturally show through your actions.

How I make my boyfriend love me?

You can make you boyfriend love you by first showing him how special he is and loving him back.

What do you do if you really want a boyfriend?

Make sure you always get your chebs out. This is important for most males. Also, make sure you are comfortable farting around him, he'll love that!

What should you do if you cheated on your boyfriend but you still love him?

Lie. Bury the guilt and make sure that he never finds out.

I am 16 my boyfriend is 24 how do I forget about his past?

make sure he s truly in love with u. and if u really love him do not worry about the past

Boyfriend that you really like but your real boyfriend that you love dont know about the two of us what do you do?

Either make sure that they never find out about each other, or stop seeing the one you only 'like' - what sort of love is it that allows you to have another boyfriend?

What do you do if you have a boyfriend but like an ex that you were in love with?

Be honest with your current boyfriend about loving your ex, but make sure your ex feels the same way

How do you get him to understand how much i love him?

The best way to get your boyfriend to understand how much you love him is to show him. You have to make sure you demonstrate loving behavior when you all are together.

What should you do if you know your boyfriend is in love with you but your not sure if you love him back?

ysold t

What do I do if I love my boyfriend but am not sure if he's the one?

Does he reciprocate love. If he does not you can teach him out of love. Love also teaches.

How do you love someone to be your boyfriend?

You can't make yourself love someone. And you can't control it. You'll fall in love with who you fall in love with. If you don't love your boyfriend, but your trieng to make yourself love him, then STOP it because your boyfriend should be the boy you love!But if you have to let him down, then do it gently...

You love your boyfriend but the sex sucks should you break up with him?

No, are you sure you love him? If so you should try improving it when you guys make love. Like do a role play or something.

How do you make boyfriend love you after a breakup?

you cant make someone love you, but look into his eyes like you did while you two were together. he'll miss that and im sure he'll want you back.

How do you get your boyfriend to love you?

sorry, but you cant make someone love yoyou cannot make someone love you, love is an uncontrolled emotion.You can get your boyfriend to love you!All you have to do is be loyal to him and keep on reminding him what he likes about you.

Can you boyfriend be your best friend?

Sure! make sure you still have other best friends, but sure! My boyfriend is my best friend

When is it time to say I love you to your boyfriend?

When you are sure you love him but can't wait for him to say it anymore.

You want a relationship with your boyfriend you just am not sure if you love him anymore?

just love him back .He for sure loves you.

Why won't my boyfriend say I love you back when I tell him that I love him?

Quite likely he hasn't figured out whether he loves you. It could be that he wants to make sure that it is real love, not an infatuation. Appreciate him for his honesty.

How not to be annoying to your boyfriend?

Your boyfriend will appreciate time alone. Make sure to allow him that.

Can your boyfriend be friends with his ex he was in love with?

Sure. As long as he stays commited to YOU.

Should you tell your friend you love her even if she is taken?

Yes but make sure the boyfriend/girlfriend isn't around and say : but I know you are taken :]

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