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You don't have the special key for the team galactic and the eartquake has happend how do you catch Dialga?


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February 20, 2008 3:42AM

You have to own the key. Look around in the Team Galactic Head Quarters, it is in there somewhere. After you find it, keep searching the Team Galactic HQ until you find the leader. Battle him. After you defeat him, go through the portal. Then battle the next person and save Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit. You will then follow the remaining portals and escape. Then you must go to the Hearthrome City side of Mt. Coronet with Rock Smash, Rock Climb, and Strenght. BRING VERY STRONG POKEMON!!! DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE THAT I DID BY BRINGING YOUR LEVEL NINE ONIX SO IT CAN USE ROCK SMASH!!! Hike all of the way to the top. Then deafeat the two commanders followed by the leader. AFter that, Professor Rowan tells you to battle Dialga. Here is a tip: save the game before trying to catch. If you lose it, turn the game off and then back on and try again. It normally is easy to catch. I caught it with one ultra ball when his energy was still green (he made my last high leveled Pokemon faint). I think that the more he is weakened, the less he likes you, and the less he wants to be caught.