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By looking for it >__>

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How do you find a dsi?

i dont know, this is my question

"How do i get internet on my nintendo DSi"?

"I dont know?"

Why wont your internet work on your Nintendo DSi?

i dont know cause i dont have one and it said it hade iternet on the dsi.

Does an action replay damage a DSi?

i dont know about the dsi but i had the ds lite and it was so bad that i never played it

Why doesn't time move in Animal Crossing Wild World on a DSi?

well i dont know because time does move on my dsi it might be a fault in your game or the dsi

Is the DSi bundle with Kingdom Hearts design coming to America if it is when?

i dont know when but i know that it is definelty coming

Is the DSi bundle with Kingdom Hearts design coming to America and if it is when?

its coming but i dont know when

How to get the Internet on a DSi?

I dont really get what your saying. But if your saying how to get internet for the dsi. Go to dsi shop > dsi ware > free > DSi internet

What organism is starch found in?

i dont know but i do know it is found in potatoes

How can you get the free 1000 dsi points if your dsi has pre installed games?

i dont have a D.S.I but i have tryed on my friends D.S.I but it hasn't work! does anybody know and can help this person?

How to wireless get internet on Nintendo DSi?

i dont know but u sould go to youtube and put in this qustion

Where can a mesa be found on the globe?

i dont know where this can be found

How do you get java for dsi XL?

You Dont.

How can i get Netflix on my dsi XL?

you dont

How much does a used Nintendo DSi cost at gamestop?

i dont know how much it is at game stop but it is $120 at walmart

Does the dsi come with internet or does it have be installed?

Installed. If you dont know how, go here:

What is the rare silly band of ct?

i dont know i have a silly band that i found and dont know what it is

Where is smelt found?

i dont know! :) LOL

Where are amoebas not found?

i dont know sorry

Who found Jupiter how and when?

sorry but i dont know. :(

What is the pin for a DSI?

i dont think there is one

Why is the door closed in route 8 in heart of gold?

I dont know how but if you get an Action Replay DSI you can walk through walls.

What is better a DSi or PSP?

I think the dsi is better because you get the internet easier, the dsi already has the camera, it has where you can record your voice, and on the camera, you can take funny pictures. I dont have a dsi but my friends voted the dsi is better.

When was the pok ta pok court found?

i dont know and i dont care

Does the Nintendo 3DS have a microphone?

Yes. Like the Nintendo DS and DSi before it, the 3DS has a microphone. I dont know where the F*** the MIC is!?!?