You exercise lots and you are still over weight what does this mean?


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Ultimately, if you gain weight, it means you take in more calories than your burn off. It could be that what you consider exercise is not be rigorous enough to burn fat (sweating doesn't mean you are burning fat) or that your workouts are too short to burn fat (20 minute minimum on the treadmill, for example), or maybe you eat/drink too much of the wrong things at the wrong times...etc.

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Well, everyone has a diet. If you don't, that means you're not eating at all. But if you mean can you lose weight by only adding exercise and not changing your dietary habits, then yes, you can. To lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume. If previously, you were not gaining weight, and you increase your calories burned through exercise and don't change your diet to compensate, then you will lose weight. Often, people will add exercise when they didn't previously, but still not lose weight because without noticing, they have also begun to eat more because they feel hungrier due to the exercise. By monitoring both your caloric intake and your exercise, by holding the intake constant while increasing exercise, you will lose weight.

If you mean "weight", eat less calories and exercise.

high metabolism or low-calorie diet accompanied by exercise - could also be a serious thyroid condition

well any exercise will cause a muscle to grow stronger but if you mean to gain volume then you want to do anaerobic exercise (less reps more weight)

what do you mean by getting thicker? you mean putting on weight,if it is , yes one can , provide they take proper diet, and regular exercise.

You're gaining weight... so if you do not like it exercise, or eat healthier.

Whether a person regains weight lost through surgery depends on a number of factors, but if there is no significant change in diet and exercise habits then, yes, over time the person is much more likely to regain the weight they had lost.

It depends what you mean by side effects. However a balanced diet and proper exercise is the best way for a normal person to gain weight

Depends on what you mean. If you eat right you can lose weight w/o exercising.It's actually so that eating right is more important than exercise if you want to lose weight.But physical activity is good for us, and most people will benefit from getting more of it - so exercise is just about always good. And it will help with weight losstoo.

exercise book mean exercice du livre

Fasting is a quick way of loosing weight but its not a smart way to do it. Proper diet, portion control, eating more fruits and vegetables and exercise is the best way to loose weight in a safe way.

Perhaps you are not eating right. Exercise will mean nothing if you are eating too much or too unhealthy.

The word cellucor does not really have a meaning. It is actually the name of a health supplement that, if combined with exercise will help you to lose weight.

PCT?????? Do you mean polymethylacrylate? Most properties of polymers depend on molecular weight, molecular weight distribution and lots of other things - they are dependant on manufacturer and grade.

Actually your not most kids your age are that weight because they go through changes but also kids your age desire to loose weight and be skinny in a short period of time, its possible all you have to do is drink lots of water and i mean it, watch what you eat like not fatty or sugary foods. Sodium is a big no and water will flush out the salt also the main key is to exercise alot you might exercise and complain that is to much and boring but doing it everyday with your mp3 will help alot. Hope this helped!:)

In-taking less calories and out letting more calories through exercise or whatever mean should be effectively reduce the weight, however very calorie in-take is not advised.

If talking about energy, you mean kCal or Calories? If so, you will gain weight providing you are eating more than what your body burns in a day, not including exercise. If you exercise, you usually can consume more Calories (not empty calories) without gaining weight.

If it's a female and not yet spade. She may be getting close to go into Heat. Lots of water and exercise will help her out.

I think you mean loose your weight. Erm, BY SOME SLIMFAST! :D and lots of freddos.

"FMSphotoaday" stands for "fat mum slum." It is when mothers post pictures of themselves after weight loss, whether it be from childbirth or exercise.

Walking a half mile is a great "little boost," but you're not going to lose any weight. Your weight, height, gender, exercise level and caloric intake are huge factors. If you walk a half mile to Dairy Queen...I mean, come on...no weight loss. If you factor in a half a mile a day with proper diet and (additional exercise) you will lose weight....slowly. Good luck.

Yes it does but it depends how much you do and the gained weight sometimes mean muscle. Which builds good fat. But if you workout but don't stick to a exercise and eating routine you might as well forget about losing weight!

If you mean all the chemicals and things adults put in their bodies for weight loss then yes. But if you mean just general exercise and eating right then no it is never to early to start the basics of eating the right foods and learning to exercise, even if that's just sending to play a sport.

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