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Yes, you could still be pregnant. HPTs are often administered improperly and therefore post inaccurate results. You should consider seeing a physician and getting a professionally administered pregnancy test.

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Q: You feel very tired and your nipples hurt you took a hpt it came out negative can you still be pregnant?
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Can i still be pregnant if 15 days late - negative test?

can i be pregnant? I am 15 days late negative test, I have nausa, lower back pain some cramping very tired and peeing lots

If your not tired could you still be pregnant?


What does it mean when you have your hormones sore breasts sore tummy gassy tired and hard nipples?

I would believe it means your pregnant dear.

Could you still be pregnant if you started your period but you have been very tired and nauseous and your nipples have been very sore and sensitive?

Sometimes you may be sick of something else. you should go check with your doctor.

Do you get tired when you are pregnant?

yes you will get tired

You have till the 12th to start im sick on and off especially in the car im so tired there are times you cant sleep but really tired my nipples are darker can you be pregnant?

sounds like yes, see a doc

If your period is 3 days late and you take a pregnancy test and it is negative and then get your period the next day but feel sick and tired and don't like to eat can you be pregnant?

If you have a negative pregnancy test and then your period and no sex in between or after, then, no, you're not pregnant. You're just sick and tired. You also need to rethink your method of birth control.

Im 1 wk late took 2 pregnancy tests and both came up negative Im having slight cramps tender nipples slightly dizzy and have been extremely tired Could you be pregnant even though the tests were neg?

Yes, you can. See your doctor, as soon as you as you can.

What will happen if you think your dog is pregnant?

She will become very tired. Her tummy will get very round. Her nipples will become filled, swollen, and droopy. You can have xrays done at vet to see how many puppies she will have.

Could you still be pregnant even tho you took a urine test at the family guidance center you have very snore nipples usually tired moody and eating habits thick white dishcharge around 2 weeks late?

Yes- try EPT they have worked good for me!

Could you be pregnant if your period is more than one week late and you have been very tired and had headaches and your breasts feel heavy but a home pregnancy test was negative?

Sound like you are pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if your period is 20 days late and a pregnancy test you took came out negative your breast are sore enlarged you have cramps headaches and your tired a lot?

If you've had unprotected sex or a birth control failure there is always a chance of pregnancy. If you have had a negative home pregnancy test and still suspect that you may be pregnant you should test again and/or see a Dr to be sure.

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