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Swim maybe?

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Q: You filled your intex pool with water now what?
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Intex pool 12x24x52 setup issues i set it up and began to fill it now that it is half full the sides have caved in and i cant move the poles what do i do noe besides drain it?

It is normal for the sides to bow to the middle of the pool, as the pool fills the sides will right themselves by the weight of the water, it happened to me but it is normal.

Can you use solar panels with an Intex salt water system for your above ground pool?

Yes, I have used it for more than 5 month(total) now. The important part is how powerful your pump is. I am using the 1500 GPH pump.

How do you remove water collected between the liner walls which caused the liner to float?

Our pool has been over filled with water and is now got water under it with bubles, i just put it in, can it be repaired or do I need to have one reinstalled????

What should be done to clear the pool purchased a salt water pump for the pool now have to much pH in the pool what do you suggest we use to clear our pool water?

Muratic acid or Sulfaric acid

Can you use a salt water system in your endless pool?

eye dint now Well, you probably could, we have a pool and we mix chlorine and salt together for our water.

How do you find a tiny hole in the top inflated ring of a intex above ground pool if you are having to inflate the top ring daily and can't locate a hole and you have tried using soap and water?

Wow what a tough question! This is a real head scratcher. After consulting with other Guru's here on top of the 3-meter diving tower here is what we came up with. One of the issues here may be that the leak may not be on top of the inflatable ring but underneath and/or at the seam where the ring meets the wall of the pool, which will make it awkward to apply the soap and water mix. So try this. Mix a soap and water solution in a 4 to on mixture. 4 parts soap and 1 part water. Then try applying it with either a spray bottle or on a very wet rag up under the ring on both the inside and out side of the pool. Now for the catch, you really do not want to get this mixture into the pool or the water will start to foam when it is agitated so try to keep the solution getting into the pool to a minimum. We all feel this is really your best bet. The other options buy a new Intex pool or buy a hard wall above ground pool, but these are very expensive options soap is much cheaper!

What will keep pool pump from sucking water from pool?

The pool pump does suck the water from the pool. Then it goes thru the filter and (if you use have the following) thru the heater and chlorinator then back into the pool. So - nothing will keep it from sucking water from the pool - but that's a good thing. Now - if you set the valve to a different setting - then it might actually send the water to a waste line - maybe that's what you meant. If that's the case -then the pool pump will eventually drain your whole pool if you have it set to get the water from the bottom drain (another valve).

New pool added chlorine and shock now water is green What do you do?

Chlorine and shock are not the first ingredients to "start" a new pool. A conditioner should have been added first. It helps the chlorine stay in the water and work. Take a water sample to your pool store. tell them you are trying to "Start" the pool

Is the swimming pool water cold?

define water ^ what kind of answer is that? "define water." its a simple question. is swimming pool water cold? the water found in swimming pools. now for an answer, water temp varies between pools. some are cold and some are warmer.

Filled pool one week ago did not add chemicals water is cloudy now what should I do?

Take a water sample to your local pool store, and let them test it. I do this every year and they tell me exactly what chemicals I need. I buy them, usually about 100 bucks, put them in, and in a day its clear and beautiful. Its worth the 100 bucks to avoid irritation, and expense, of trial and error. Good luck!

You filled your pool pump with water now it still doesnt work what can you check for next?

If it worked before and the leaf basket is not blocking things up and the pump motor seems to be working you may have to see if there is not something wrong with the impeller against the pump.

You are scheduled to winterize the pool next week but wont use the pool from now on so can you turn off the pool pump now to save on running costs?

Sure you can turn off the pool pump, the water won't be circulating anymore but since you are not using the pool it does not matter. Make sure the outside temperature is above freezing until winterizing because non moving water freezes earlier than moving water. Here is my blog on how I handle my pool: http: //

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