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I think its sleet. it was on my homework (a crossword puzzle) and thats the only thing that fit in so i guess it's that. Hope that is right:)

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โˆ™ 2012-11-13 23:44:27
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Q: You find these ice crystals on windows after a clear cold night?
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What is the white coating of ice crystals you often see after a cold night?


What is the white coating of ice crystals you often see on the ground after a cold night?


Is the white coating of ice crystals you often see on the ground after a cold night?


Why is it cold on clear nights then on a cloudy night?

Clouds act like a blanket and hold the heat in. A clear night allows the radiation to escape to space resulting in a cooler night.

Do the stars shine bright when the night is cold?

Cold nights tend to be very clear, as cloud cover makes things a little warmer. So when the night is cold and the sky is very clear, it is much easier to see the stars and they appear to be brighter.

Why is the recovered crystals must be washed with cold solvent?

cold solvent cleans the crystals - without dissolving them.

Is driving with the windows down on a cold night a sign of an impaired driver?

ANSWERThat absolutely may be the case.

Why do houses in the desert have small windows and thick walls?

Deserts are usually very hot in teh day and vary cold at night - The day heat is kept out by limiting windows and the heat retained for the night in the building medium

Why do salt crystals grow better in cold water?

Any crystals grow better or bigger when they grow slower. Crystals that form in cold water are given a longer period of time and develop slower so they form bigger crystals.

Why do crystals form faster in cold water?

they form so quickly in ice or in any other cold temperature because its so cold that when the crystals are forming its like its giving it a boost to growth. If you make handmade crystals and you feel them while they are forming you'll feel that the crystals are already cold.So that is baisicly this is why it gets so cold easily.:D

Why is frost more likely on a clear night?

The frost is more likely to happen during a clear night because it is usually cooler at night and the cold air is heavier than the warm air. The clouds will stop the heat that earth had collected in the day time.

Cold is the night when the stars shine bright?

Clear nights offer the best opportunities to see the stars, but a clear,cloudless night will often be much colder than a night with overcast conditions. This is because the clouds insulate the surface, and reflect energy back. A clear night will allow the surface heat to escape into space more easily and so it will be colder.

Are crystals dissolvable in hot or cold water?

it all depends on which crystals you mean, salt crystals can dissolve in both hot and cold water they dissolve quicker in hot water as the hot water acts as a catalyst for this

Can windows get so cold they break?

Windows can get so cold that they break. If the temperature outside is very cold and the temperature inside is warm it can lead to windows cracking.

Does swimming in ocean clear cold sores?

Swimming in an ocean does not clear cold sores.

Do crystals grow larger in size in warm temperatures or cold temperatures?

cold temperature

How do ice crystals for in the clouds?

the air gets cold

How cold is the moon at night?

very cold during the night

Is it good for us to close are doors and windows in -7 degrees at night?

It is always advisable to remain in closed door and windoes at such low temparature,as shivering in cold might invite Pneumonia and other cold related diseases. Switch on the room heater for a comfortable sleep at such cold night.

How does salt crystals grow better in warm temperature than cold temperature?

Salt crystals that have rock salt in it

What is a white coating of ice crystals often seen after a cold night?

The frost that forms on plants after a particularly cold night is simply a result of the natural dew being frozen, rather than simply condensed. Dew forms because of the natural humidity condensing during the relatively colder night against any surface exposed to the air.

Do crystals grow faster in hot or cold temperatures?

cold it helps there chemical coumpoubds freeze

Do borax crystals grow bigger in hot water or cold?

i did a project on this and they grow better in cold

Does Mars go cold at night?

mars does go cold at night

What are cold-air clouds made of?

ice crystals