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hello ppl

Ive been trying to unlock my fone for the last couple weeks and I finally thought that I should contact Optus and get the bloody key from them. Well it was given to me without a hitch I thanked them and then hanged up. I followed the guys instructions :

Turn off fone get another sim card from another carrier insert and turn on should get a message saying Enter Subsidy Code.

Instead I got a message saying "contact service provider"

I think early this year I may have install a monster pack on my fone or did an upgrade via the Motorola software updater (cant remember sorry) here is the details I got from flash

Boot Loader


SW Version: R374_G_OE.42.15R

Is there some way that I can get to a screen which lets me enter the numbers I have been given?

Or do I need to down grade my version which I read somewhere was not advisable or should I use something like the posted in


iigth bueno rigt

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โˆ™ 2011-09-14 08:30:23
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Q: You forgot your ulock code for your Motorola RAZR v3?
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To access the programming menu on a razor, quickly press ##073887#* (#SETUP*) The standard Motorola unlock code is 000000 (6 zeros) the default security code for Motorola is 1234. Edit: Try using the last 4 digits of the phone number for the unlock code (what mine was.) The programming menu code above did not work on my Razr (vm3). The programming code has been fixed and works now, but the subsidy unlock code (000000) will still be needed. ---- For my own (grey) Sprint Razr v3m i pressed: ##data#* (##3282#*) the above worked for my girl friends (red) sprint razr. ---- Hello. i would like further informatio on what you did when you entered ##data#* (##3282#*)For yoiur own (grey) Sprint Razr v3m. That works for mines but i don't know what to do next please help!!!!!

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