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You forgot your ulock code for your Motorola RAZR v3?

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September 14, 2011 8:30AM

hello ppl

Ive been trying to unlock my fone for the last couple weeks and I finally thought that I should contact Optus and get the bloody key from them. Well it was given to me without a hitch I thanked them and then hanged up. I followed the guys instructions :

Turn off fone get another sim card from another carrier insert and turn on should get a message saying Enter Subsidy Code.

Instead I got a message saying "contact service provider"

I think early this year I may have install a monster pack on my fone or did an upgrade via the Motorola software updater (cant remember sorry) here is the details I got from flash

Boot Loader


SW Version: R374_G_OE.42.15R

Is there some way that I can get to a screen which lets me enter the numbers I have been given?

Or do I need to down grade my version which I read somewhere was not advisable or should I use something like the posted in


iigth bueno rigt