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Everything you do goes down on your permanent record. The spit balls you fired at Sally Wisconski have not been expunged from your record.

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How many years ago were protists first found in the fossil record?

1.8 billion years ago

How does Odysseus try to get Penelope to believe him?

When he is still pretending to be a beggar, he describes his clothing as set out twenty years ago to fine detail.

How long ago did Neanderthals disappeared from the hominid fossil record?

27,000 years ago.

What is the treatment for one who swallowed mercury from thermometer years ago?

If you didn't get treated years ago, then you were fine and are fine, the mercy won't effect you now if it didn't infect you then. It is something else.

How many years ago was atlantis still above water?

11,600 years ago.

According to the fossil record how many years ago did life first seem to appear on Earth?

3.5 Billion Years Ago

When did human beings first inhabit the earth?

The first record of a hominid is debatable either between 6-7 million years ago (Toumai fossil from Chad) or 3-4 million years ago (well know Lucy fossil). The more human-like neanderthals are on record from about 350,000-30,000 years ago, archaic Homo sapiens are on record from about 500,000-200,000 years ago, and modern Homo sapiens (us) from about 120,000 years ago to present.

How long ago did neanderthals walk on earth?

They were around 600,000 years ago and still around as recently as 50,000 years ago.

When in the fossil record do gymnosperms and angiosperms first appear?

Gymnosperms- 350 million years ago Angiosperms- 200 million years ago

When does the Neandertal record begin in Eastern Europe?

130,000 years ago.

Who envinted glue?

Glue was invented thousands of years ago. No record of who did it.

How long does a criminal stay on your file 29 years ago?

If the offense occurred after your 18th birthday it will still appear. It is a permanent part your criminal history record.

Could you still get pregnant if you had your tubes cut and burned 19 years ago?

could you still get pregnant if you had your tubes cut and burned 19 years ago?

Does a felony conviction that happened 38 years ago still show up on your record?

Yes i am proof, charged with posession of weed when i was 24 am now 60 it is still on the fbi records and i was never incarcerated

What is machine called to record numbers for stockmarket years ago?

A tickertape machine

How did people 100 years ago listen and record music?

Phonograph or live.

The first record of the scientific method being used was?

1,200 years ago

What is the evidence of an organism from more than 10000 years ago?

The fossil record.

Is new lipgloss from five years ago still OK to use?

If its not opened its probably fine, but I wouldn't use it. Search it on google and find another one at a store near you.

What is the Phillies record for most runs in an inning?

The record, which was set just a few years ago against the Reds, is 13.

Would DUI and possession charge that occurred three years ago still show on a record if stopped for a traffic violation?

if your in Texas yes.. DUI will stay on your record for ever. as for the other states as far as i know the lowest is like 10 years before it wipes off.

Can you go to Canada even if there is a warrant for your arrest?

Nope. Canada will not allow you in if you have a criminal record, whether you have a warrant or not. If you had a felony 5 years ago and are not on probation, they still won't let you in.

If someone involved in a felony case 10 years ago and that case was discharged by the judge and the defendant was found not guity is there still in the court record?

same question?

When did elephants evolve?

They first appear in the geological record in the late Paleocene, a geologic epoch that lasted from about 66 to 56 million years ago. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 60,000,000 years ago

How long ago did the egyptians live?

lot and lots of years ago. And they are still there today. In Egypt .

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