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Unfortunately this sounds like a misscarriage you should see you`re doctor

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Q: You had a positive pregnancy test and have had diarrhea for a week and just started bleeding a week after the pregnancy test what does this mean?
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Could a pregnancy test come back positive if the fetus dies and you havent started bleeding yet?

yes but this is called still birth.

I had a positive pregnancy test two days later i started bleeding i had clots but it wasn't my usual period?

Go for an ultrasound and talk to your doctor.

Ive been getting pregnancy cramps and symptoms and had a positive pregnancy test but with a faint line then started light bleeding one day late of my period am I pregnant?

You could be. You should go see your doctor and get a blood test to know for sure.

Can you having a menstrual period through your pregnancy throw a home pregnancy test to be negative?

Hard telling really. I took 2 hpts before I started bleeding and they were positive. Then when I was bleeding I took 2 more and they were negative. Haven't gone to the doctor yet. So I'm not real sure if the blood interferes with the results or not. For a sure pregnancy test you should go to your doctor. .

If you have a blighted ovum will you still get pregnancy symptoms?

I had a blighted ovum and at the beginning had some signs of pregnancy, but they went away. However, my pregnancy test came back positive in February and I didn't experience anything was wrong with the pregnancy until May, I started bleeding - went to the ER the dr. said it was a blighted ovum and I had to have a D&C.

A pregnancy test result was negative then you started bleeding. Now you've taken two pregnancy tests reading positive. Did you have a miscarriage when you started bleeding?

This is difficult to answer. It depends on whether you performed one or more pregnancy tests. If you only took one test then its very possible this test was faulty but false positives are not as common as false negatives. If the bleeding arrived when your period was due and was exactly like a period then I would personally believe this was your period and is not caused by a miscarriage.

I took a pregnancy test and it came back posative but then about an hour later I started bleeding does this mean that im not pregnant?

you may be bleeding even if you are pregnant

You started your period five days early could you be pregnant?

If you are having a period, you are not pregnant. However many women confuse their periods with vaginal bleeding and vaginal bleeding can be a sign of pregnancy particularly in early pregnancy.

You Started your period very light then dark brown for a week now and have fishy bad odor took a pregnancy test and it came out positive....why do i have odor could i have had a miscarriage?

It may have been implantation bleeding. Ask your doctor.

I started bleeding 5 days ago I took a pregnancy test tonight and it says positive. How do I know if I am pregnant or not?

When you started bleeding.... was this the normal time for your period to start? Was it light spotting and is that what made you think about taking the pregnancy test? Without knowing these answers, it's kinda hard to say. However, if you took a home pregnancy test and the results were positive, there is an extremely great chance of being pregnant. Usually with those tests, they say that a negative result is what is more likely to be wrong than a positive one. However, it could also be that you were pregnant and still have high enough levels in your urine to make the pregnancy test positive. Your best bet is to see a doctor to be sure... one way or another, that's the best way to know for sure. Good luck!

I'm 12 weeks pregnant and had a pap smear then started bleeding What is wrong?

Spotting after a pap smear is common, particularly during pregnancy. All bleeding during pregnancy should be discussed with your health care provider.

You did 3 positive digital pregnancy tests on the day you were due your cycle but that day experienced menstrual backache and started to bleed. lighter than spotting but not as heavy as a cycle?

Some women in early pregnancy have implantation bleeding (light pink or brown spotting) around the time there period is due.